DC37 Reverses No-Endorsement Policy for Brooklyn D.A.’s Race

Ken Thompson's campaign kickoff. (Photo: KenThompson4DA.com)
Ken Thompson’s campaign kickoff. (Photo: KenThompson4DA.com)

The city’s largest municipal labor union has reversed its long-standing precedent against endorsing in district attorney’s races, using a special waiver today to endorse Ken Thompson over incumbent Charles “Joe” Hynes for Brooklyn’s top law-enforcement job.

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Democrats Blast Hynes’s Decision to Challenge Thompson as Republican

Charles "Joe" Hynes. (Photo: Facebook)
Charles “Joe” Hynes. (Photo: Facebook)

Democrats are fuming over Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes’s decision to challenge Democratic nominee Ken Thompson on the Republican and Conservative lines after handily losing to him in the primary. Continue reading “Democrats Blast Hynes’s Decision to Challenge Thompson as Republican”

Rival Roasts Joe Hynes for ‘Apalling’ Conservative Party Endorsement

Ken Thompson (Photo: Facebook)
Ken Thompson (Photo: Facebook)

Last night, the Kings County Conservative Party backed their borough’s district attorney, Joe Hynes, for re-election and, citing his safety record, they formally offered him their ballot line come November. Although Mr. Hynes has been endorsed by the Conservatives for years, at least one of his Democratic primary rivals, Ken Thompson, was outraged by the bipartisan embrace and released a statement detailing his disgust.

“It is appalling that DA Hynes would accept the endorsement of a fringe right-wing group which opposes a woman’s right to choose, gun control and a minimum wage increase, supports the racial profiling of suspects, and sought to remove President Obama from office,” Mr. Thompson said this morning.

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Joe Hynes Kicks off Reelection Campaign With a Big ‘Love-Fest’

Councilman Lew Fidler at the podium.
Councilman Lew Fidler at the podium.

Kings County District Attorney Hynes has been battered by negative headlines in recent months, but a large host of elected officials and a packed crowd still stood shoulder-to-shoulder with him today for the formal announcement of his re-election campaign on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall.

“Joe, this is more than a political rally, this is a love-fest. It’s really a love-fest between the residents of Brooklyn and you!” Borough President Marty Markowitz declared. “I hereby endorse this year of course, 2013, and 2017! And 2021!”

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District Attorney Candidate Wants Brooklyn to Be More Laid Back About Weed

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

Earlier today, Abe George, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office and a candidate next year against incumbent Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes announced one of his key campaign platforms will be relaxing penalties for marijuana possession.

“As a career prosecutor who spent considerable time investigating and prosecuting drug crimes, I have seen first hand how valuable resources have been wasted enforcing antiquated marijuana laws rather than fighting crimes that directly impact the public good,” Mr. George said in a statement that also noted anti-marijuana laws’ disproportionate effect on young minorities. “Brooklyn, which has long led the city in homicides and shootings, cannot wait until the New York State Legislature acts at some unknown time to finally decriminalize marijuana possession.”

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DSK Accuser’s Attorney Plows Ahead With Political Campaign

kenneth thompson fb DSK Accusers Attorney Plows Ahead With Political Campaign
Ken Thompson (Photo: Facebook)

Ken Thompson, the lawyer who represented the sexual assault accuser of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, appears to be quickly moving forward with his campaign against incumbent Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes. Last week, Capital New York reported Mr. Thompson was “considering” the move, and today, he registered a campaign committee that will serve as a fundraising vehicle for the run.

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