Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long

wendy long Joe DioGuardi Endorses Wendy Long
Wendy Long

Former GOP Congressman and 2010 Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi endorsed attorney Wendy Long’s Senate campaign this afternoon, giving her the notable endorsement from the person who last went toe-to-toe against incumbent Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as Ms. Long seeks to do the same this year.

In the statement announcing the endorsement, Mr. DioGuardi, who was soundly defeated by close to a 30-point margin despite strong Republican performance in various congressional races across the state that year, stressed Ms. Long’s electability, declaring, “[M]ost importantly, she is the only Republican who can defeat Kirsten Gillibrand, and that is why I am endorsing her for U.S. Senate.”

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David Malpass, Economic Adviser to Rick Perry, Explains His Tax Plan

s david malpass large David Malpass, Economic Adviser to Rick Perry, Explains His Tax PlanDavid Malpass said he first met Rick Perry when the Texas governor came to New York to address the Manhattan G.O.P’s Lincoln Day Dinner in June, and met with him again when he returned in September for some fundraisers.

“I was struck by his capability of creating an upheaval in Washington’s culture,” Mr. Malpass said of those meetings.

This morning Mike Allen reported that Mr. Malpass signed on as one of a half-dozen key economic advisers to Mr. Perry, just as Mr. Perry prepared to roll out a major plank of his economic platform this afternoon, one that called for a 20% flat tax on income. Continue reading “David Malpass, Economic Adviser to Rick Perry, Explains His Tax Plan”

Conservatives Don’t Discuss Marriage Over Dinner

coburn c 200dpi Conservatives Dont Discuss Marriage Over Dinner“We have lost our confidence, or, as younger people would say, ‘mojo,’” Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn told a not-so-young crowd at the New York Conservative Party’s 49th Annual Dinner at the Sheraton last night.

Mr. Coburn was speaking generally of the country’s malaise, not about the state of the state Conservative Party, which seems to have regained some mojo in recent months.

The dinner—proudly titled “Recovering Row C”–celebrated the party’s move back to the third ballot line, and came as its chairman, Mike Long, has inserted the party into the debate over same-sex marriage, by pledging to deny an endorsement to any legislator who supports the measure. Continue reading “Conservatives Don’t Discuss Marriage Over Dinner”