Ordained Rabbi Aims to Capture Staten Island Council Seat

(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)
(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)

For local races, New York City overwhelmingly tilts towards the Democratic Party and there are only a handful of Council campaigns with the potential to be competitive in this November. The race for outgoing GOP Councilman Jimmy Oddo’s seat is likely to be one of them. And, according to a source active in local politics, the Democratic establishment is backing Mendy Mirocznik, a non-practing rabbi and lawyer, for the Staten Island district.

“We’re seeing fewer education dollars, less transportation options, deteriorating roads and there seems to be no relief in sight,” Mr. Mirocznik said in a statement announcing his candidacy yesterday. “Meanwhile, our small-businesses, the economic engine, of our community are struggling to survive – that is not a recipe for recovery. We need an advocate who will reverse this trend and bring real results for Mid-Islanders, and I believe I can do that.”

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Jimmy Oddo Addresses The Big Controversy

jimmy oddo sweater vests1 Jimmy Oddo Addresses The Big Controversy
Councilman Jimmy Oddo

At a Saturday afternoon rally largely dedicated to defending Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm in the face of criminal fundraising allegations, Councilman Jimmy Oddo, who’s also a candidate for Borough President, decided to start his speech with a bang.

“It’s my style to take things heads on, so I want to start by addressing the controversy of the day,” Mr. Oddo began, taking off his jacket to reveal a sweater vest underneath.

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Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Want To Buy The Mets

bloomberg mets Mayor Bloomberg Doesnt Want To Buy The Mets
Mayor Bloomberg watching the Mets at Shea Stadium in 2006. (Photo: Getty)

At a press conference this morning, Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about Councilman Jimmy Oddo’s suggestion he buy the cash-strapped New York Mets. Mayor Bloomberg laughed off the idea.

“With Jimmy Oddo’s money?” he asked.

Mayor Bloomberg went on to say he has no interest in purchasing the Mets–or any other team for that matter because of the vicious nature of the sports media.

“Look the Mets are fun and I like going, I think Citi Field turned out fine. Why anybody wants to own a sports team, I can’t figure out. If you think the business press is tough, and then you get to the political press, the sports press that’s just really,” Mayor Bloomberg trailed off and let the audience fill in the blanks. Continue reading “Mayor Bloomberg Doesn’t Want To Buy The Mets”

Fantasy Baseball Expert Lew Fidler Bemoans The State of The Mets

164046 479214585767 374767270767 5607670 4400909 n Fantasy Baseball Expert Lew Fidler Bemoans The State of The Mets
Lew Fidler and Mets mascot, Mr. Met, in happier times. (Photo: Facebook)

Councilman and State Senate hopeful Lew Fidler was a key player in the early days of fantasy baseball, but he’s not happy with the state of his real-life favorite team–The Mets. In the wee hours of this morning, Mr. Fidler posted a note on Facebook lamenting the condition of the Mets heading into the upcoming baseball season.

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Oddo Wants The 99 Percent To Lay Off The 1 Percent

220px nln jim oddo Oddo Wants The 99 Percent To Lay Off The 1 PercentCity council minority leader Jimmy Oddo released today a study that the Independent Budget Office did at his request that is intended to show that the calls emanating from Zuccotti Park notwithstanding, the ultra-rich in New York City already pay a disproportionate share of personal income tax.

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After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith's Role in Bloomberg's Admin

goldsmith mrb333 After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith's Role in Bloomberg's Admin
Mayor Bloomberg today appointed Stephen Goldsmith, the nation’s premier expert on innovation in government and the former Mayor of Indianapolis, as Deputy Mayor for Operations. April 30, 2010 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

Republican City Councilman Jimmy Oddo is sad to see Deputy Mayor Goldsmith leave the administration.

But he’s not surprised.

“I don’t think he was cast in a position to succeed,” Oddo said, calling from his cell phone after pulling his car over to the side of the road. (He was on his way home to Staten Island to  get softball equipment for tonight’s game against the mayor’s office.)

“I believe a deputy mayor for operations needs to be a tactician,” said Oddo, who called Goldsmith’s replacement, Cas Halloway, “the perfect selection” because “he learned at the knee of Ed Skyler, who was running 4/5 of the city for all intents and purposes.” Continue reading “After Quick Departure, Some Question Goldsmith's Role in Bloomberg's Admin”

Oddo Knocks De Blasio for Knocking Grimm–UPDATED

2007 10 oddobat  Oddo Knocks De Blasio for Knocking Grimm  UPDATEDLast week’s New Yorker magazine featured an article about Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm getting into an altercation at a club back when Grimm, then an FBI agent, took his gun out and ordered all the white people there to leave.

Later, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio called on Grimm to urge the NYPD and the Department of Justice to “release all records surrounding this incident in order to provide a full accounting to the public.”

This move by de Blasio didn’t sit well with Staten Island G.O.P. Councilman Jimmy Oddo, who took to the floor of the City Council to denounce de Blasio for what he called “a cheap political shot.”

“Bill is a smart guy,  he is a politically astute guy,” Oddo said when reached by phone last week. “We have a great personal relationship. He is better than this.”

Oddo served with de Blasio for eight years in the City Council, and he said that even though he is a Republican, he backed de Blasio in the Democratic primary for public advocate.

But he said that de Blasio weighing in on a decade-old issue reprinted in a magazine will lead many, including him, to wonder if maybe the office of Public Advocate should be eliminated after all, as many editorial boards have urged.

“I just don’t understand why Bill would use his office to enter that issue. It’s certainly not what the office is designed for,” Oddo said. “This is not what taxpayers envisioned their tax dollars going to the public advocate for. This has nothing to do with the public advocate position. If you want to be sheriff for elected officials, aren’t you coming to the dance a little late?”

Oddo added that perhaps de Blasio should demand the release of Democrats’ records, including the tax records of Charlie Rangel and the anger management records of Kevin Parker.

Oddo compared de Blasio’s asking for records to those who demanded that President Obama release his birth certificate, and said that New Yorkers would view the move through a political lens.

“Anybody who has been around politics would infer from this that this is strictly a political move,” he said. “If you want to beat him, beat him at the voting booth next November.”

We have reached out to de Blasio’s office for a response, and will update when we receive one.

De Blasio spokesman Matt Wing passed along the following:

“Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has always believed that all elected officials need to live by example when it comes to transparency and accountability in government. That’s the standard to which he has held colleagues on both sides of the aisle, no matter what office they hold.  While they may disagree on this issue, Bill has great respect for Councilmember Oddo and considers him a good friend.”