Lhota Says Catsimatidis Ads ‘Piss Me Off’

The three GOP mayoral candidates at tonight's debate.
John Catsimatidis, Joe Lhota and George McDonald at tonight’s debate.

Tell us how you really feel, Joe Lhota.

The former MTA chair joined his fellow Republican candidates at a mostly-genial mayoral forum tonight, where they lobbed bombs at common enemies like their Democratic rivals and agreed on virtually all policy fronts. But the good will ended when rival John Catsimatidis said he “liked” Mr. Lhota while declaring himself the most viable contender in the race.

“You don’t show it,” Mr. Lhota groused, pointing to the flood of negative advertising recently launched by the billionaire businessman’s campaign. “You sure spend a lot of money to piss me off.”

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Storobin Links Felder to ‘The Christine Quinn Agenda’ and Explains Why Skelos Will Back Him

david storobin fb Storobin Links Felder to The Christine Quinn Agenda and Explains Why Skelos Will Back Him
(Photo: Facebook)

In an interview with the Jewish Press that just went online last night, newly minted Republican State Senator David Storobin presented an elaborate case against his likely Democratic opponent, former City Councilman Simcha Felder. As they are competing for the same socially conservative, heavily Orthodox Jewish district, Mr. Storobin made repeated efforts to link Mr. Felder to Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is both socially liberal ideologically and an open lesbian.

“If you look at previous races, my opponent was a supporter of Barack Obama, my opponent was a supporter of Christine Quinn, my opponent was a reliable Democratic voter of the Christine Quinn Agenda,” he argued, repeating the “Christine Quinn agenda” line again afterwards.

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