Andrew Cuomo Says Iowa Isn’t on His Mind

Andrew Cuomo addressing reporters. (Photo:
Andrew Cuomo addressing reporters. (Photo:

Environmental advocates just rolled out a full-page ad that will debut tomorrow taking Governor Andrew Cuomo to task over New York’s stance on the controversial natural gas drilling procedure known as “fracking.” However, the ad isn’t appearing in New York. Instead, it’s taking up a page in Iowa’s largest newspaper, the Des Moines Register, making it a seemingly obvious attempt to throw an early roadblock at Mr. Cuomo’s widely-expected presidential campaign in that state’s traditional “first in the nation” primary election.

“Governor Cuomo, America is looking to you,” the ad says. “Don’t allow a single fracked shale gas well in New York. This is your chance to be a national leader on climate. Your choice now will be remembered forever.”

Asked about the ad in a press conference touting the confirmation of his latest judicial nominee, Mr. Cuomo dismissed the possibility of Iowa being a concern to him.

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Cuomo Calls NYT Story on His Online Chats ‘Silly’

andrew cuomo getty Cuomo Calls NYT Story on His Online Chats Silly
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The New York Times reported yesterday on the released submissions to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s online chats where Mr. Cuomo answered only 16 questions out of hundreds, possibly avoiding some of the more sensitive topics from the list. Asked about the story on Fred Dicker’s radio show today, however, Mr. Cuomo didn’t exactly agree with that assessment.

“I think it’s a silly point,” he said bluntly.

In particular, Mr. Cuomo mocked the idea that he was avoiding questions over hydrofracking.

“Of course not, of course not!” he exclaimed of answering all of the questions on the subject. “When you do any situation like this, whether it’s a call-in radio or whatever it is, you get organized efforts that will ask the same question a hundred times a hundred different ways. Hydrofracking opponents are very well organized.”

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Morning Read: SuperPACapalooza; Stop-And-Frisk Goes Political; Obama Sings The Blues

Two-dozen advocacy groups are forming a coalition designed to pressure would-be 2013 contenders on stop-and-frisk and police accountability.

The NYPD apparently spied on Muslims in Newark as well. When told of this fact, Mayor Corey Booker responded, “Wow.”

Mayor Bloomberg defended the NYPD’s spying of Muslim students.

The Daily News slams the president of Yale University for objecting to the practice, saying, “smart people can be pretty naive.”

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Rick Santorum Accuses Obama Of Attacking Hydrofracking

1ricksantorum Rick Santorum Accuses Obama Of Attacking Hydrofracking WASHINGTON — Rick Santorum called the anti hydrofracking is part of the left’s larger strategy of trying to “scare you into supporting radical ideas on the environment” during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference today.

“I come from Pennsylvania, we’re doing a little bit of that in Pennsylvania, thank God,” Mr. Santorum said.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is currently working with the Department of Environmental Conservation to come up with rules to regulate and allow hydrofracking in New York after lifting a statewide ban on the controversial natural gas drilling technique last summer.

Mr. Santorum went on to accuse the Obama administration is “going after” the controversial natural gas drilling technique by trying to paint it as “a bogeyman.” Mr. Santorum didn’t explain exactly how President Obama, who expressed support for the procedure in his State of the Union address last month, is attacking hydrofracking.

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Morning Read: Iowa; State of the State

The websites of more than a dozen state agencies asked websurfers to “like” Andrew Cuomo on Facebook. The option was quickly taken down when The Daily News inquired about it.

The Post has high praise for Andrew Cuomo’s first year, but sees hydrofracking, mandate relief, and education reform as the key issues heading into his sophomore session. Continue reading “Morning Read: Iowa; State of the State”

Roundup: All Eyes on Iowa

jersey vallone Roundup: All Eyes on Iowa
Former Council Speaker Peter Vallone at the Jersey Shore (Photo: Facebook)

The national political media is overwhelmingly focused on the Republican Presidential caucuses taking place in the plains of Iowa tomorrow evening, and the developments have been rapid.

Here are some highlights:

Nate Silver predicts with 96% confidence that the Iowa victor will be Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, or Rick Santorum.

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Potsdam Town Council Votes to Keep Control Over Hydrofracking

121933714 Potsdam Town Council Votes to Keep Control Over Hydrofracking
Hydrofracking at an oil well site near Tioga, North Dakota. (Photo: Getty)

Several small New York towns are not sticking with Governor Cuomo’s plan to have the Department of Environmental Conservation decide how to regulate the controversial natural gas drilling procedure known as hydrofracking. Last week, the Town Council in Potsdam voted to keep local control of hydrofracking setting them up to join a legal battle against energy companies who have been lobbying to have the procedure legalized and want Albany to make the final call. Continue reading “Potsdam Town Council Votes to Keep Control Over Hydrofracking”