Morning Read: Michelle Bachmann in the City, Chuck Schumer in Europe, Alec Baldwin at the Fair

Michelle Bachmann met with Jewish donors in New York yesterday.

Chuck Schumer was in Europe–and away from the cameras–while Irene raged.

Andrew Cuomo is an old hand when it comes to disasters.

Nearly one million people in the region still don’t have power after the storm.

Pedro Espada says that his accountants approved of all of his taxpayer funded expenses for his medical non-profit, including pony rides and a petting zoo for a family member’s birthday party, home repairs and a down payment on a Bentley. Continue reading “Morning Read: Michelle Bachmann in the City, Chuck Schumer in Europe, Alec Baldwin at the Fair”

Roundup: New Yorkers Brace for Hurricane Irene and George Pataki

mrb irene Roundup: New Yorkers Brace for Hurricane Irene and George Pataki
Mayor Bloomberg Visits Department of Environmental Protection Crew Cleaning Storm Sewers in Preparation for Hurricane Irene August 25, 2011 (Photo Credit: Edward Reed)

2012: “[H]e’s simply not relevant anymore, and really hasn’t been for a while.” [Steve Kornacki / Salon]

2012: Pataki not endorsing Perry Saturday. [Andrew Rafferty / NBC]

2012: Pataki’s leaked website “embarrassing.” [Glittarazzi]

2012: “The population of reporters who never say mean things about people is smaller than a George Pataki 2012 house party.” [David Weigel / Slate]

NY-9: Weprin robos off Turner’s refusal to back Zadroga bill for Ground Zero volunteers. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

NY-9: Turner said same-sex marriage “should not be an issue in this campaign.” [Anna Gustafson / Queens Chronicle]

NY-9: NARAL for Weprin. [Rick Karlin / Times Union]

NY-9: Turner keeps calling Weprin a “career politician.” [Courtney Gross/ NY1]

NY-9: Weprin and Turner tried saying something nice about each other. [Howard Koplowitz / Queens Campaigner]

NY-9: “[O]ne can only imagine how former Congressman Weiner will cast his vote. I suspect he will vote for Weprin.” [Henry Stern / Huffington Post]

Teacher Evaluations: Teacher reports can be released, court rules. [NY1]

Teacher Evaluations: UFT vows an appeal. [Sharon Otterman / New York Times]

Mortgage Probe: Americans for Financial Reform make the case for Schneiderman’s resistance. [Jimmy Vielkind / Times Union]

Mortage Probe: Buffett will dump $5 billion into Bank of America. [Ben Protess and Susanne Craig / Deal Book]

Fund-Raising: Rep. Ackerman mocks a Republican for alligator-hunting. [Celeste Katz / Daily News]

Executive Pay: Cuomo task force seeks info from Medicaid and social service providers first. [Michael Johnson / Capital Tonight]

Executive Pay: The move could yield “unprecedented analysis that could shine a light on executives who take home an outsize share of their organization’s revenue.” [Russ Buettner / New York Times]