Ex-Bloomberg Deputy Defends Boss After Inauguration Lashing

Michael Bloomberg at yesterday's inauguration. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)
Michael Bloomberg at yesterday’s inauguration. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s top communications deputy isn’t entirely pleased with the way Bill de Blasio’s inauguration speakers presented his ex-boss’s record.

The deputy, Howard Wolfson, reached out to WNYC this morning to argue against some of the claims made by the event’s speakers, who presented the city as a deeply divided “plantation” in need of new leadership and direction. Continue reading “Ex-Bloomberg Deputy Defends Boss After Inauguration Lashing”

Bloomberg Touts Crime-Fighting at ‘T-Minus 5’ Days

Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

After touring the five boroughs to tout the city’s progress over the last 12 years, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is again turning his focus to crime-fighting.

Mr. Bloomberg appeared in Jamaica, Queens today to boast how, in his eyes, the city has helped former criminals and at-risk youth avoid returning to lives of crime. Continue reading “Bloomberg Touts Crime-Fighting at ‘T-Minus 5’ Days”

Bloomberg Deputy Goes After Bill de Blasio on NY1

Howard Wolfson. (Screenshot: NY1)
Howard Wolfson. (Screenshot: NY1)

Just in case it wasn’t already clear from the barbs on his Twitter feed, Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson is not a fan of Bill de Blasio’s vision for the city.

During an appearance tonight on NY1, the man who has become the mayor’s chief mouthpiece continued to dig into the sudden front-runner in the mayor’s race, doubling down on previous criticism and accusing the city’s public advocate of flip-flopping on term limits.

The attack comes as various forces are ramping up their efforts to halt Mr. de Blasio’s unexpected gains in the polls with just two weeks to go until the primary.

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Bloomberg Staffers Unimpressed With Bill de Blasio’s Policy Book

A page from Bill de Blasio's new policy book.
A page from Bill de Blasio’s new policy book.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration came out swinging against a new policy book released this morning by Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio—slamming it on everything from its name to its proposals.

The 69-page book, entitled “One New York, Rising Together,” lays out dozens of ideas it claims “will reverse New York City’s growing economic divide through progressive reforms and renewed investments in education, small businesses, and affordable housing.” They include a universal city ID card regardless of immigration status, an expansion of the city’s bus system and gunshot-sensing technology in high-crime neighborhoods.

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Despite Endorsement, Obama Won’t Be Getting Bloomberg Bucks

mayor michael bloomberg getty1 Despite Endorsement, Obama Wont Be Getting Bloomberg Bucks
Mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg made a splash by endorsing President Barack Obama this afternoon, however the billionaire’s backing won’t come with any campaign cash from the mayor’s new super PAC. Sources familiar with Mayor Bloomberg’s plans told Politicker “his PAC is not going to be contributing to the president’s campaign.” Continue reading “Despite Endorsement, Obama Won’t Be Getting Bloomberg Bucks”

Girls Star Lena Dunham Wants To Take on The Tea Party by Eating ‘Dope Sh*t’

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Lena Dunham (Photo: Twitter)

Lena Dunham, the star, creator and producer of HBO’s hipster-ific series Girls, took to Twitter today to encourage her more than 200,000 followers to take on the Tea Party by “eat[ing] dope shit” at a series of dinners dedicated to raising money to defeat a “targeted list” of Tea Party incumbents picked by a liberal super PAC. The dinners are hosted by hosted by a group called Downtown For Democracy and Ms. Dunham’s real-life best friend, Audrey Gelman (who uses the handle @grumplstilskin on Twitter and works as press secretary for Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer) is a member of the Downtown For Democracy Board.

“Want to eat dope shit for a wonderful cause? Support D4D and my oldest best ‪#girl‬ @grumplstiltskin,” Ms. Dunham tweeted along with a link to the dinner series. Continue reading Girls Star Lena Dunham Wants To Take on The Tea Party by Eating ‘Dope Sh*t’”

Frisky Business: Once Again, Police Practices Matter In Politics

ray kelly5 Frisky Business: Once Again, Police Practices Matter In PoliticsOne afternoon earlier this month, Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate and a potential mayoral candidate, held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to unveil a new report and suggest a modest reform. The New York Police Department has seen the number of people it has stopped and frisked skyrocket, often without yielding any evidence of a crime. Mr. de Blasio suggested the agency simply record the number and location of their stops, just as they record murder, thefts and rapes under CompStat, the computerized police accountability system that is credited with keeping the city’s plunging crime rate low.

A few hours later, Howard Wolfson, Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for communications and an old pal of Mr. de Blasio’s from their days on the Hillary Clinton Senate campaign, sent out a blistering response. Continue reading “Frisky Business: Once Again, Police Practices Matter In Politics”