Cory Booker Says Shmuley Boteach’s Congressional Campaign Puts Him In ‘Tough Position’

cory booker twitter Cory Booker Says Shmuley Boteachs Congressional Campaign Puts Him In Tough Position
Cory Booker (Photo: Twitter)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker is one of the most visible Democrats in New Jersey, but his old friend, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, is running for Congress in the Garden State on a GOP ticket. Despite his relationship with the rabbi, Mr. Booker didn’t sound likely to back his friend’s congressional campaign when he spoke with Politickerthis afternoon.

“I’ll tell you this, I’m a Democrat and, at this point, I have not made any decision, but I’d be hard pressed not to support,” Mr. Booker momentarily stopped himself before continuing, “You know, this puts me in a very tough position, but the reality is, I think it’s very important that we return a Democratic congressman from that district.” Continue reading “Cory Booker Says Shmuley Boteach’s Congressional Campaign Puts Him In ‘Tough Position’”

Dan Halloran Considering Congressional Campaign

dh 10 pp Dan Halloran Considering Congressional Campaign
Dan Halloran (Photo: NYC Council)

Republican Queens Councilman Dan Halloran is considering throwing his hat into the race for the newly-created District 6 House of Representatives seat. Sources told The Politicker Mr. Halloran was making the rounds looking for volunteers at David Storobin’s election night party on Tuesday and Steven Stites, the Councilman’s spokesman confirmed he’s mulling a Congressional campaign.

“He’s giving the run consideration. There’s a lot of folks in the local Republican party and the community that want him to run and that think he would be a very great fit for the district,” Mr. Stites said. Continue reading “Dan Halloran Considering Congressional Campaign”

Ruben Diaz Sr. Blasts Congressional Redistricting Efforts: ‘The Bronx Is Not a Colony’

 Ruben Diaz Sr. Blasts Congressional Redistricting Efforts: The Bronx Is Not a Colony
Senator Ruben Diaz (Photo:

Always outspoken State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. is not pleased with redistricting proposals that would use space in the Bronx to create a predominantly Latino Congressional district or extend Charlie Rangel’s district into Westchester. Mr. Diaz sent one of his periodic “What You Should Know” missives to supporters yesterday slamming the proposals.

“The Bronx is not a colony,” Mr. Diaz wrote. “You should know that I am just calling it the way I see it: the way the district lines have been drawn for New York’s Congressional seats indicates to me that there are some people who still believe in colonies.” Continue reading “Ruben Diaz Sr. Blasts Congressional Redistricting Efforts: ‘The Bronx Is Not a Colony’”

Kirsten Gillibrand Criticizes Washington's 'Endless Gridlock' And 'Political Posturing'

 Kirsten Gillibrand Criticizes Washington's 'Endless Gridlock' And 'Political Posturing'
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand speaking at the ABNY breakfast. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand spoke this morning at a breakfast sponsored by the Association for a Better New York where she blasted the lack of bipartisan cooperation in Washington and announced her plan to introduce a campaign finance reform plan that will take on the Super PAC’s.

“It’s the same sense of common purpose that’s shared in this room today that we frankly need so much more of in Washington. With an economy that has been slow to recover and truly an economic crisis that’s rivaled only by the Great Depression,” Senator Gillibrand said. “What do we see in Washington? Unfortunately, endless gridlock, endless political posturing, endless partisan bickering. I haven’t been in Washington very long, but I’ve been there long enough to know that it is broken.”

Continue reading “Kirsten Gillibrand Criticizes Washington's 'Endless Gridlock' And 'Political Posturing'”