Bill de Blasio Touts His Spanish Language Skills

Bill de Blasio in his new ad.
Bill de Blasio in his new ad.
Step aside Carlos Danger, Bill de Blasio is ready to make his own pitch to Latino voters as he and his fellow mayoral candidates increasingly tailor their message to the city’s sizable Hispanic community.

Mr. de Blasio, who has clearly been practicing his Spanish language skills, released a new online ad today where he personally narrates in the language.

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Díaz Sr. Suggests LGBT Community Raise Money for Espaillat

ruben diaz1 Díaz Sr. Suggests LGBT Community Raise Money for EspaillatState Senator Rubén Díaz Sr., an outspoken opponent of gay marriage, had some interesting advice for his fellow State Senators José Peralta and Adriano Espaillat should either take a run for Congress. He suggested they start raising money from the gay community to overcome the backlash from religious Hispanic voters come election time.

“Nowadays, the outcry from the Dominican community is to elect a Dominican to serve in the United States Congress. In fact, there are many candidates of Dominican descent who are qualified to effectively represent their community in the US Congress,” he wrote in one of his ‘What You Should Know’ letters this morning.

“I say this even though, as you know, Senator Adriano Espaillat and Senator Jose Peralta voted for gay marriage, and because of that they will have problems with Catholics and Evangelical Ministers within the Hispanic community,” he continued. “But Since Adriano is the frontrunner, I suggest that the gay community start a series of activities to raise at least a million dollars for Adriano before it’s too late.”

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