New Council Begins Work by Overturning Bloomberg Vetoes

julissa New Council Begins Work by Overturning Bloomberg Vetoes
Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras at her first hearing as chair of the council’s Finance Committee. (Photo: Twitter/William Alatriste)

In three unanimous votes, the City Council committees on health, public safety and transportation began their terms by moving to overturn vetoes from former Mayor Bloomberg.

The committees, which met for the first time this afternoon since the city’s new elected officials took office, voted to move forward with Bloomberg-vetoed legislation including a law to create a citywide animal abuse registry, and laws that would require the NYPD to report more information regarding park crime statistics and hit-and-run accidents. Continue reading “New Council Begins Work by Overturning Bloomberg Vetoes”

Christine Quinn Pushes for Bloomberg-Style Crackdown on Happy Meals

Christine Quinn wants to crack down on kids' meals.
Christine Quinn today.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is following in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s health-crusading footsteps, announcing a new crackdown today–on kiddie meals.

Ms. Quinn said that, if she wins the mayor’s race, she wants to force chain restaurants that already post their calorie counts to set new restrictions on kids’ menus and happy meals, more in line with the standards the USDA sets for school lunches.

Continue reading “Christine Quinn Pushes for Bloomberg-Style Crackdown on Happy Meals”

Koch Expected to Stay in Hospital For ‘A While’

(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)
(Photo: Emily Anne Epstein)

When former Mayor Ed Koch went to the hospital earlier this month after suffering a buildup of fluid in his lungs and ankles due to congestive heart disease, he was out after eight days. Mr. Koch returned to New York Presbyterian on Monday and, according to his spokesman George Arzt, though the mayor’s condition has improved, this latest trip to the hospital may be a longer one.  Continue reading “Koch Expected to Stay in Hospital For ‘A While’”

Mitt Romney’s ‘High Fiber Diet’ and Paul Ryan’s ‘Infrequent Alcohol Use’ Revealed!

151065828 Mitt Romneys High Fiber Diet and Paul Ryans Infrequent Alcohol Use Revealed!
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan on the campaign trail in Florida last month. (Photo: Getty)

Along with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s tax returns, the Romney campaign released letters from both men’s physicians this afternoon that reveal more than probably anyone ever wanted to know about the Republican presidential candidate and his running mate. These medical records include information on how much Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan weigh, their exercise routines and what drugs they are on. Continue reading “Mitt Romney’s ‘High Fiber Diet’ and Paul Ryan’s ‘Infrequent Alcohol Use’ Revealed!”

Coffee Talk: When Christine Quinn Met Barbra Streisand

pmc 4191 1 Coffee Talk: When Christine Quinn Met Barbra Streisand
Barbra Streisand, Ronald Perelman and Christine Quinn. (Photo: Patrick McMullan)

City Council Speaker and likely mayoral candidate Christine Quinn rubbed shoulders with a bevy of boldface names including Babs herself, Barbra Streisand, yesterday at a luncheon at the Perelman Heart Institute at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital to raise awareness of women’s heart health.  Continue reading “Coffee Talk: When Christine Quinn Met Barbra Streisand”

Inez Dickens Describes Charlie Rangel’s Health Woes

crangel1 Inez Dickens Describes Charlie Rangels Health Woes
Charles Rangel (Photo: Getty)

For almost two months, Charlie Rangel has been dealing with what his staff describes as a back injury that has led to multiple hospitalizations and his longest absence from Congress in over a decade. Due to his health problems, he also hasn’t been seen in his district even as he’s facing several challengers in his latest re-election bid. At a candidates forum for that race hosted by the Barack Obama Democratic Club last night, Mr. Rangel’s longtime friend and ally, Councilwoman Inez Dickens, spoke on the congressman’s behalf and told The Politicker he’s back home and out of the hospital.

Mr. Rangel, who will turn 82-years-old next month, has a Midtown fundraiser planned for next Wednesday, but Ms. Dickens said, despite her advice to remain home and rest, we might see him out in public again sooner than that.  Continue reading “Inez Dickens Describes Charlie Rangel’s Health Woes”

Charlie Rangel Back In The Hospital As Campaign Pushes Back Against The Press

 Charlie Rangel Back In The Hospital As Campaign Pushes Back Against The Press
Charlie Rangel

Congressman Charlie Rangel is back in the hospital for the second time this month. Mr. Rangel’s spokeswoman, Hannah Kim, told The Politicker the congressman is still coping with a back injury that has kept him out of the House of Representatives since February 9, his longest absence in at least ten years.

“The Congressman is receiving additional treatments for his back. He is optimistic that the situation will be resolved soon,” Ms. Kim said. Continue reading “Charlie Rangel Back In The Hospital As Campaign Pushes Back Against The Press”