Harlem’s Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods

149239175 Harlems Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods
Reverend Al Sharpton eulogizing Sylvia Woods at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon. (Photo: Getty)

Harlem restaurateur Sylvia Woods was a legendary chef, but she was also a key figure in the Uptown political scene. At her funeral service at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon today, many of the high-powered regulars from Woods’ eponymous restaurant showed up to share their remembrances and pay tribute to Woods as a pioneering African-American businesswoman, an ally in the civil rights struggle and, of course, a superb chef.

“Every protest, every movement, every plan, every law started with a breakfast, or lunch or a dinner at Sylvia’s,” former Governor David Paterson explained. Continue reading “Harlem’s Political Power Lunchers Remember Sylvia Woods”

How the NAACP Will Respond to Charter School Parents

The NAACP is looking for parents to participate in a rally tomorrow, in order to respond to a pro-charter school rally that “assaulted” the organization’s office in Harlem earlier this week. A reader passed along this email from the NAACP, detailing the group’s effort.

The author of the email, Ken Cohen, referred calls to the NAACP, which did not respond to inquiries. Continue reading “How the NAACP Will Respond to Charter School Parents”