Marie Claire Peeks Into Candidates’ Purses, Finds iPads and a Gun

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Ex-cop and current gun owner Val Demings. (Photo:

In advance of the upcoming elections, the women’s magazine Marie Claire got a look inside the purses of several prominent female candidates for their “Running in Heels” feature. Based on their findings, iPads and other Apple gear are must-have accessories on the campaign trail, but a few of the women in the article apparently tote less standard fare including one candidate with a heavy energy drink habit and another who’s packing heat.

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Revisiting President Obama’s High School Pot Use

84147220 Revisiting President Obamas High School Pot Use
President Obama visiting his high school in Hawaii in 2008. (Photo: Getty)

This morning, Buzzfeed published excerpts from Dave Maraniss’ upcoming biography of Barack Obama that detail the president’s usage of marijuana in high school and his years at Occidental College. Mr. Maraniss revealed some of the common names for pot stains in Hawaii, the specific weed slang employed by President Obama and his buddies at Punahou high school and their preferred smoking soundtrack (Blue Oyster Cult, Stevie Wonder and Aerosmith).

Though the excerpts from Mr. Maraniss’ book have generated considerable excitement among the chattering classes, the president has admitted to youthful drug use for years now and, in the past, former classmates have described it as a relatively small part of his life. Continue reading “Revisiting President Obama’s High School Pot Use”

Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary

ricksantorum debate nh Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary
Rick Santorum (Photo: Getty)

Rick Santorum continued to poke holes in Mitt Romney’s aura of inevitability by following up his victory in the Alabama primary with a win in the Mississippi primary tonight. Though Mr. Romney still has a large lead in the overall delegate count, a win tonight would have gone a long way toward cementing his status as the clear frontrunner. Mr. Santorum’s wins in more conservative states are prolonging the race for the Republican nomination and fueling the perception Mr. Romney has issues connecting with important elements of the Republican base. Despite his losses in the South, Mr. Romney is expected to win tonight’s caucuses in American Samoa and Hawaii, though those results won’t be official until much later due to the time difference.  Continue reading “Rick Santorum Wins Mississippi Primary”

Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary

rick santorum getty Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary
Rick Santorum could have a big night tonight

Rick Santorum won the Alabama primary tonight. NBC News declared Mr. Santorum the winner a little less than one hour after polls closed. Mitt Romney, the frontrunner for the nomination, still holds a strong delegate lead, but he has had trouble winning primaries in the Southern states. Continue reading “Rick Santorum Wins Alabama Primary”