Poll Shows Almost Half of Americans Believe There Is a ‘War on Christmas’

A Christmas decoration on display in England. (Photo: Getty)
A Christmas decoration on display in England. (Photo: Getty)

Watch out Santa. A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows 47 percent of Americans believe there is a “War on Christmas.” For years conservative pundits, particularly Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, have argued that secularization efforts including encouraging generic “holiday” celebrations rather than Christmas festivities amount to an assault on the Christian holiday. Continue reading “Poll Shows Almost Half of Americans Believe There Is a ‘War on Christmas’”

Santorum Campaign Disavows Controversial Hanukkah Card

rick santorum hanukkah Santorum Campaign Disavows Controversial Hanukkah Card
The controversial Hanukkah card from "S.C. Team Santorum." (Photo: Facebook)

WASHINGTON — Rick Santorum’s campaign manager, Michael Biundo, responded to the growing controversy over a Hanukkah card signed by “S.C. Team Santorum” inscribed with a New Testament bible verse that implies non-Christians will “walk in darkness.”

“It certainly wasn’t an authorized graphic that they sent out. I’m not even sure who did it, you know, the South Carolina office is not even–you know, not together at this point,” Mr. Biundo told The Politicker at the Conservative Political Action Conference today. Continue reading “Santorum Campaign Disavows Controversial Hanukkah Card”

Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams

 Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams
Councilman Jumaane Williams (Photo: Facebook)

For his upcoming holiday party, Councilman Jumaane Williams made sure to cover all the bases. Councilman Williams’ billed the fete as a “ChrisKwanUkah Holiday Party” honoring all three major seasonal celebratory occasions. Continue reading “Celebrate 'ChrisKwanUkah' With Jumaane Williams”