Democratic Assemblyman’s Ad: ‘Only Secular Jew Who Votes Against Immorality’

cymbrowitz ad Democratic Assemblymans Ad: Only Secular Jew Who Votes Against Immorality
(Photo: Hamodia)

The Democratic electorate in southern Brooklyn is changing, with the Russian and Orthodox Jewish vote becoming increasingly salient, and Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz knows it.

In Wednesday’s widely-circulated weekend edition of the Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamodia, Mr. Cymbrowitz took out a full page ad that neither hides his secularism nor his political adherence to conservative political principles, especially on the issue of gay marriage (which is only referred to as “legalizing immorality” in the ad).

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Fidler Ad Name-Drops Greenfield, Hikind

fidler hikind ad Fidler Ad Name Drops Greenfield, HikindIn the widely-circulated Wednesday weekend edition of the Orthodox Jewish newspaper Hamodia this week, both candidates in the special election to replace corrupt former State Senator Carl Kruger bought full page advertisements.

The Republican candidate, David Storobin, used his ad space to further draw attention to a letter signed by Rabbis arguing it is religiously forbidden to support the Democratic candidate, Councilman Lew Fidler. Mr. Fidler’s ad, meanwhile, sought to connect Mr. Fidler to local Jewish elected officials, Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Councilman David Greenfield.

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Large Orthodox Newspaper Knocks Fidler

scandalous claims Large Orthodox Newspaper Knocks Fidler
<em>Hamodia</em>'s cover story today

Brooklyn’s Jewish media has not been overly nice to Democratic Councilman Lew Fidler in the last two days. Yesterday, COMMUNITY Magazine converted itself to an almost cover-to-cover advertisement for his opponent in his campaign for the State Senate, and today, one of the most influential newspapers in the district, Hamodia, wrote a fairly scathing piece as well.

Underneath the front-page headline “Scandalous Claims,” one of the newspaper’s editors went after Mr. Fidler for insufficiently supporting tuition relief for the district’s yeshivas while boosting his Republican opponent, David Storobin. “In truth, Storobin’s conservative qualifications appear solid,” he wrote. “But for Fidler to claim the conservative mantle, in support of funding for yeshivos, is just scandalous, say people involved in yeshivah aid.”

Mr. Fidler is campaigning heavily on yeshiva funding and both candidates told Hamodia the issue was the most important one in the district.

The newspaper’s harshest words were over gay marriage, however.

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