Stringer Surrogates Slam Spitzer for Not Releasing Tax Returns

Eliot Spitzer. (Photo: Getty)
Eliot Spitzer. (Photo: Getty)

In a sign of increasing aggression from his campaign, two supporters of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer trashed his rival in the comptroller’s race, ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer, both for self-funding his bid and failing to release his tax returns.

“It’s really shocking that someone who made their reputation as a fighter for transparency and ethics in government now seems to believe he can be cynical about the same goals and get away with it,” said Councilman Brad Lander. “New Yorkers have to wonder, what is Mr. Spitzer hiding?”

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Manny Tavarez Pens ‘Open Letter to Azi Paybarah’

ol Manny Tavarez Pens Open Letter to Azi PaybarahManny Tavarez, who’s running a bit of an uphill campaign against freshman State Senator Gustavo Rivera, appreciates attention in the press, but not all of it.

Notably, yesterday morning, Capital New York’s Azi Paybarah published campaign literature from Mr. Tavarez telling voters to vote for him in the Democratic primary on September 11th. However, as Mr. Paybarah pointed out, this might confuse some voters, as Election Day was moved to September 13th to avoid conflicting with the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. This was done several months ago.

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Mike Gianaris and The Brady Campaign Push For Stricter Gun Laws

photo18 Mike Gianaris and The Brady Campaign Push For Stricter Gun LawsToday on the steps of City Hall, State Senator Michael Gianaris and The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence held a press conference to announce growing support for a package of what they termed “sensible” gun legislation.

Following a recent increase in gun violence in New York and the United States, Senator Gianaris introduced a series of gun violence prevention bills based on criteria established by the Brady Campaign which ranks each state according to the strength of its gun laws. These proposals would regulate the purchase of guns and strengthen New York’s gun existing laws. Continue reading “Mike Gianaris and The Brady Campaign Push For Stricter Gun Laws”

Gustavo Rivera Backs Adriano Espaillat

senator gustavo rivera e1300718998477 Gustavo Rivera Backs Adriano Espaillat
Gustavo Rivera (Photo: NYS Senate)

Bronx State Senator Gustavo Rivera gave his endorsement to fellow State Senator Adriano Espaillat in his race against veteran congressman Charlie Rangel. The endorsement is significant because Mr. Rivera’s home base in the Bronx is new territory for Mr. Espaillat, who currently represents Upper Manhattan and Riverdale.

“As a fellow senator, I have watched Adriano successfully fight for working families and immigrants,” Mr. Rivera said in a statement. “I am proud to endorse Adriano for Congress because he will bring the same passion and energy to Congress and deliver the change we need in Washington D.C. I look forward to campaigning for Adriano, particularly in the Bronx, to get him elected as our next Congressman.” Continue reading “Gustavo Rivera Backs Adriano Espaillat”

Uptown Occupy Wall Street Marchers Make 11 Mile Trek

 Uptown Occupy Wall Street Marchers Make 11 Mile Trek
Occupy Wall Street solidarity marchers in Washington Heights. (Photo: Chasen Marshall)

New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez and State Senator Adriano Espaillat led a march nearly the entire length of Manhattan in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street today. On their eleven mile journey, they were accompanied by hundreds of marchers, multiple possible 2013 Mayoral candidates and a police escort.

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Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez

 Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus GonzalezBill Samuels, the high-tech entrepreneur who started the reform-minded New Roosevelt Initiative last year to aid insurgent candidates who could shake up Albany, announced this morning that he is endorsing Jesus Gonzalez in the highly-contested Assembly special election in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn.

“A vote for Gonzalez is a vote in favor of change and reform in Brooklyn and beyond,” Samuels said. “If we can mobilize voters on behalf of candidates such as Gonzalez, it will mark an encouraging sign for young reformers throughout this city, who want to take on the entrenched and corrupt political system and change it for the better.” Continue reading “Citing Gustavo Rivera, Bill Samuels Endorses Jesus Gonzalez”