Adriano Espaillat Declares Victory Against Guillermo Linares

espaillat declares Adriano Espaillat Declares Victory Against Guillermo Linares
(Photo: Jon Reznick)

State Senator Adriano Espaillat declared victory against his challenger Guillermo Linares tonight, fending off  spirited campaign that a reignited rivalries both old and new. The officially reported numbers currently have Mr. Espaillat ahead by a 2-1 margin with many outstanding precincts, indicating that his internal numbers are likely accurate as to who the ultimate victor will be.

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Charlie Rangel Explains Why Adriano Espaillat’s State Senate Campaign is Destroying America

charlie rangel points Charlie Rangel Explains Why Adriano Espaillats State Senate Campaign is Destroying America
Charlie Rangel giving his passionate speech earlier today.

Last week, State Senator Adriano Espaillat’s campaign circulated a tough mailer against his primary opponent, Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, in which they accused Mr. Linares of “betraying” the community by backing Rep. Charlie Rangel over Mr. Espaillat’s bid to become the country’s first Dominican-American congressman earlier this year and for taking campaign contributions from special interests.

Mr. Rangel, a backer of Mr. Linares’ bid, is angry about the mailer. Really angry. So angry, he says, that he was motivated, in the spirit of the anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center, to condemn the controversial campaign literature in question. To that end, Mr. Rangel held a press conference where he gave a ten minute speech expressing his outrage.

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There’s a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?

state senate map cover Theres a Bunch of Elections Thursday, Which Ones Should You Care About?
A map of New York City’s State Senate districts.

It’s Election Day in New York next Thursday! But instead of a titanic battle between ideologies–your Mitt Romneys vs. Barack Obamas, if you will–the options on the ballot will be little-noticed state legislative contests between candidates of the same party, often with few policy differences.

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some exciting races happening. From “Who Gets Arrested for Raping a Grandmother?” to “Assemblywoman Caught Up in Sex Scandal with Two Young Men,” there’s been no shortage of nasty drama and mud slinging as voters head to the polls.

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In Home Stretch, Espaillat vs. Linares Race Finally Heats Up

linares espaillat In Home Stretch, Espaillat vs. Linares Race Finally Heats Up

Despite the long rivalry between the two men, it’s been a fairly quiet campaign between State Senator Adriano Espaillat and his challenger, Assemblyman Guillermo Linares thus far. However, two days before voters head to the polls, both candidates are finally delivering the exciting race political reporters had hoped for all along. In a debate on Inside City Hall last night, the atmosphere remained subdued through the first half, but after both candidates got a chance to question one another, the rhetoric became more charged with accusations flying back-and-forth.

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Governor Cuomo Endorses a Democratic Senator for Reelection

governor cuomo getty1 Governor Cuomo Endorses a Democratic Senator for Reelection
(Photo: Getty)

Governor Andrew Cuomo took an unusual step this afternoon and endorsed a member of the Senate Democratic conference, Adriano Espaillat, for reelection. Mr. Cuomo has had a fairly frosty relationship with the Senate Democrats, usually preferring to side with the Republican majority on contentious issues like redistricting, pension reform and the like, so his first endorsement of a Democratic candidate for the State Senate is notable.

To illustrate the point, Mr. Cuomo declined to go out of his way to endorse Democrat Lew Fidler in his infamously close special election for the State Senate earlier this year, despite the fact that he endorsed in a Democrat vs. Democrat special election in the State Assembly that occurred on the same day. Mr. Fidler went on to lose to his Republican opponent by 13 votes. Later, Mr. Cuomo would directly decline to say if he would support Democratic candidates for that legislative chamber, creating much speculation about his ultimate intentions.

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Espaillat Continues Roll-Out of Support That Didn’t Go His Way June 26th

adriano espaillat victory night Espaillat Continues Roll Out of Support That Didnt Go His Way June 26th
Adriano Espaillat speaking to his supporters the night of his congressional challenge. (Photo: Facebook)

State Senator Adriano Espaillat, who announced his intention to seek reelection after narrowly losing a congressional primary against Rep. Charlie Rangel earlier this year, continues to scoop up endorsements that were unfamiliar to him in his last race as he now faces off against the Rangel-backed candidacy of Assemblyman Guillermo Linares.

The latest endorsement came this morning from the Jim Owles Democratic Club, a relatively influential LGBT backing made even more so by Mr. Espaillat’s new district being contorted all the way down to W. 25th Street, a good 45 blocks further south than his Washington Heights-based district stretched in the last electoral cycle.

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Espaillat Campaign Likes Its Two Week Signature Haul

adriano espaillat hw Espaillat Campaign Likes Its Two Week Signature Haul
Adriano Espaillat declaring for the State Senate earlier this week. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

While State Senator Adriano Espaillat was contesting his ultimately unsuccessful primary challenge to Congressman Charlie Rangel, he certainly wasn’t slouching in gearing up his backup plan of running for reelection to the State Legislature. Collecting signatures solely after Election Day on June 26th, Mr. Espaillat’s campaign submitted 4,238 signatures to get onto the ballot yesterday, far above the threshold needed for the run.

“In just two weeks, our campaign collected more than four times the number of signatures needed to qualify for the ballot – a fact that demonstrates the strength of Senator Espaillat’s candidacy and the enthusiasm of our many volunteers and supporters,” Mr. Espaillat’s spokesman, Ibrahim Khan, said in a statement last night. Continue reading “Espaillat Campaign Likes Its Two Week Signature Haul”