Donovan Richards Endorses Christine Quinn

Councilman Donovan Richards. (Photo: Facebook)
Councilman Donovan Richards. (Photo: Facebook)

Bucking his mentor but not the Queens Democratic establishment, Councilman Donovan Richards will officially endorse Councilwoman Christine Quinn for mayor later today.

The 30-year-old legislator cited Ms. Quinn’s work combating gun violence as a reason for his backing. Continue reading “Donovan Richards Endorses Christine Quinn”

Reshma Saujani Picks Up Southeastern Queens Support

Reshma Saujani with William Scarborough and Gregory Meeks. (Photo: Saujani campaign)
Reshma Saujani with William Scarborough and Gregory Meeks. (Photo: Saujani campaign)

Parts of southeastern Queens may have bucked the county’s Democratic establishment in various races this year, but in the contest for public advocate, at least some local officials are falling into line.

In an announcement involving a whole host of pols, Congressman Gregory Meeks and Assemblyman William Scarborough, both legislators hailing from the borough’s predominately black neighborhoods, endorsed Girls Who Code Founder Reshma Saujani as their pick to replace outgoing Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.

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Gregory Meeks Staffer May Try to Unseat Malcolm Smith

State Sen. Malcolm Smith
State Sen. Malcolm Smith

State Sen. Malcolm Smith, arrested and charged last week as part of a wide-ranging bribery scandal, looks like he could have electoral troubles in addition to his legal woes. Jason Hilliard, a long-time staffer to Congressman Gregory Meeks, is actively mulling a  challenge to Mr. Smith, a source close to Hilliard told Politicker.

While Mr. Hilliard declined to discuss his bid, the source said he had been considering the challenge even before last week’s indictment, as he wanted to “enact a more progressive agenda” than Mr. Smith had been advocating. The source addded that Mr. Hilliard “based [the] decision … to serve as a champion” on issues like the standard of living in southeastern Queens.

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Congressman Gregory Meeks Reports Back After Attending Hugo Chávez’s Funeral

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

At the end of last week, Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks announced he would officially represent the United States at former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s funeral, a country he’s dealt with in the past as a senior member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Politicker caught up with Mr. Meeks to ask  how the Latin America trip went before a Monday morning press conference announcing new flood insurance legislation in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

“I thought that the trip was very good,” Mr. Meeks replied. “I was welcomed there by both members of the opposition as well as people close to President Chávez. As you know, I got to know President Chávez quite well. I think that though controversial–there were many things that I disagreed with–that he did have his heart on the poor. When you look at the thousands upon thousands of people that were in the streets mourning his death, Venezuela is clearly a country that is in mourning.”

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Anthony Weiner’s Writing Partner Doubts Sandy Op-Ed Is Part of a Political Resurrection

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)
Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner has kept a relatively low profile in the year-and-change since a scandal over lewd Twitter messages led to his resignation, but last week, he took to the pages of the New York Daily News to write an op-ed with Congressman Gregory Meeks highlighting the post-Sandy needs of the Rockaways. Mr. Weiner’s editorial struck many observers as a “step back onto the political stage,” but Mr. Meeks told Politicker he doesn’t think a return to the public eye was part of his ex-colleague’s motivations for writing the editorial. Continue reading “Anthony Weiner’s Writing Partner Doubts Sandy Op-Ed Is Part of a Political Resurrection”

The Latest On The State Of The Union Seating Arrangements

 The Latest On The State Of The Union Seating Arrangements
The 2003 State of the Union address. (Photo: Wikipedia)

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address is about an hour away and, once again, lawmakers are choosing bipartisan seatmates for the speech. The Politicker reached out to several of the members of New York’s Congressional delegation and found out who they’ll be sitting with at tonight’s event. Continue reading “The Latest On The State Of The Union Seating Arrangements”

Gregory Meeks, NYC's Lone Debt Deal Vote, Says Why

ny rep gregory meeks Gregory Meeks, NYC's Lone Debt Deal Vote, Says WhyQueens Congressman Gregory Meeks told The Politicker this morning that he was a reluctant vote to raise the debt ceiling, but that ultimately enough concessions were made by House Republicans to convince him to sign on.

“In order to get this done right, we very definitely had to have some revenue,” he said. “But if we are going to have a compromise, and there will be no revenue, then entitlements should not be cut, and as of right now entitlements have not been cut.” Continue reading “Gregory Meeks, NYC's Lone Debt Deal Vote, Says Why”