The Green Party Smacks Around Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner and Sal Albanese at a Staten Island mayoral forum.
Anthony Weiner and Sal Albanese at a Staten Island mayoral forum.

Anthony Weiner took a beating on his first official stop in Staten Island Monday night.

Mr. Weiner was repeatedly hit by his rivals, including Green Party candidate Tony Gronowicz and former Councilman Sal Albanese, for an old racially-charged campaign flier, his congressional vote authorizing the Iraq War, and his allegedly “coarse” conduct during a candidates’ forum hosted by the Pleasant Plains, Prince’s Bay and Richmond Valley Civic Association.

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Ex-Staffer on Roseanne’s Presidential Campaign Claims She Never Got Paid

149830523 Ex Staffer on Roseannes Presidential Campaign Claims She Never Got Paid
Roseanne Barr (Photo: Getty)

In late January, the comedienne and former sitcom star Roseanne Barr declared her intention to run for president on the Green Party line. Ms. Barr’s Green Party bid ultimately proved unsuccessful after Massachusetts doctor Jill Stein secured the party’s nomination at its convention in July. Now, Ms. Barr is continuing her quest for the White House as a candidate for the Peace and Freedom Party with anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan as her running mate. However, Ms. Barr may not have tied up all the loose ends associated with her first campaign.

Anita Stewart, who said she served as Press Secretary Ms. Barr’s Green Party bid, told Politicker she is owed $4,300 for her work on the campaign. Ms. Stewart claimed she has spent nearly the past three months fighting to get the money Ms. Barr agreed to pay her and said the delay in payment has caused her immense hardships. She said the situation is especially egregious given the fact Ms. Barr has made millions through her comedy and TV career and ranked as the second-highest-paid woman in showbiz (behind only Oprah Winfrey) during the final two years of her eponymous sitcom in the late nineties.

“Right now, I’m living below poverty level wages,” Ms. Stewart said adding that she has been unable to take care of medical expenses and has had trouble maintaining her car, which she needs to travel to and from work in the small town where she lives about fifty miles outside of Tampa, Florida.

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Green Party Candidate Touts ‘Remarkable’ 2 Percent Poll Showing

jill stein a thumbnail Green Party Candidate Touts Remarkable 2 Percent Poll Showing
Jill Stein. (Photo: Twitter)

This week, CNN/ORC released a new poll showing 2 percent of voters would vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein over President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson. Yesterday, Ms. Stein’s campaign sent out a press release touting this “remarkable” result.

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Roseanne In The Rose Garden?

web rosanne drew friedman Roseanne In The Rose Garden?
Illustration, by Drew Friedman

“I’m loving it,” said Roseanne Barr, recently announced presidential candidate. “I find that I can be more honest in politics than in Hollywood.”

Not that she’s ever been accused of demurring in either realm.

Seeking to run on the Green Party line, Ms. Barr’s presidential bid, she said, is primarily motivated by her dissatisfaction with both major political parties—in particular their candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, whom she referred to as “total buffoons.”

“That’s what I say: I’m the only serious comedian in this race,” Ms. Barr added.

In a career spanning more than 40 years, including rollicking standup performances, a watershed sitcom and a memorable performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Ms. Barr has been at turns provocative, endearing, innovative and combative. As of February, she has turned her considerable personality toward the interests of the American electorate. In a pair of lengthy interviews with The Observer, she outlined not only her political aspirations, but the possibility of returning to television—and not necessarily in the way you would expect. Continue reading “Roseanne In The Rose Garden?”

Evergreen Chou Is in This Race Too

evergreen chou Evergreen Chou Is in This Race Too
(Photo: Evergreen Chou for Congress)

Good government groups and Asian-American advocacy organizations are going to be hosting a candidate forum in a week and a half for New York’s 6th Congressional District, and one name on the flier stands out a little: Green Party candidate Evergreen Chou.

While his candidacy itself has already been well-established, Mr. Chou stands out in some other ways. For example, the lead line on the profile on his campaign website states, “Evergreen is an OX for the People, a phrase that symbolized a honest politician.” Another unique part reads, “Evergreen and his wife DayStar, have been married for 23 years.”

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Green Party Candidates File for Many New York Congressional Races

green party twitter Green Party Candidates File for Many New York Congressional Races
Green Party logo (Photo: Twitter)

With the Green Party clearing the threshold of 50,000 votes in the 2010 gubernatorial election, they secured automatic ballot access through 2014, and judging from who’s filed petitions to be on the ballot in congressional races this year in New York City and the rest of the state, it seems they’re intending to take full advantage of the situation.

And, unlike the Conservative, Independence, and Working Families parties, which almost always endorse Democratic or Republican candidates, the Green Party is running their own slate of candidates, potentially impacting close races by siphoning liberal votes away from the Democrats.

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Ralph Nader Wants Mike Bloomberg to Run for President

110824822 e1318357012436 Ralph Nader Wants Mike Bloomberg to Run for President
Ralph Nader (Getty)

Former Green Party candidate Ralph Nader wants Mike Bloomberg to jump into this year’s Presidential race, because he believes New York City’s billionaire Mayor is the ideal person to take on “the establishment” and “the corporate state.”

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