Google Maps Eliminating Phantom Subway Stop

The mysterious and non-existent "11th Street Cut."
The mysterious and non-existent “11th Street Cut” N station. (Google Maps)

Google will eliminate a phantom subway stop that found its way onto the company’s ubiquitous mapping site, after a Politicker inquiry on the subject.

The current version of the map claims the N train makes a stop just after the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge in Long Island City. According to the map, the “11th Street Cut” is the N train’s first stop in Queens after crossing over from the east side of Manhattan. Its iconic blue “M” puts it several blocks west of the Queensboro Plaza 7/N/Q stop and a block south of the Queensbridge F stop, not far from the neighborhood’s waterfront. Continue reading “Google Maps Eliminating Phantom Subway Stop”

A New York Assemblyman Wants to Ban Use Of Google Glass While Driving

New York could be the latest state in wanting to ban Google Glass from being used while driving if one politician has his way. 

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) announced yesterday he’s introducing legislation that would restrict motorists from using the Internet-connected face computers because it’s “extremely dangerous technology.” In a press release obtained by Betabeat, he referenced the recent case of a California woman who was ticketed for distracted driving as a reason why his law should be enacted in New York.
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Would You Like to See a Picture of Mitt Romney Kissing Matt Drudge?

 Would You Like to See a Picture of Mitt Romney Kissing Matt Drudge?
The photo that shows up when you Google “Matt Rhoades.” (Photo:

Then do a Google search for Mr. Romney’s campaign manager, Matt Rhoades.

While writing our post about the testy exchange between Mr. Rhoades and Obama campaign manager Jim Messina that occurred this morning, we couldn’t help but notice that Googling Mr. Rhoades yields a photoshopped picture of Mitt Romney planting a kiss on conservative blogger Matt Drudge’s cheek in a profile of Mr. Rhoades that appears alongside the other search results.

So, what the heck is going on here?

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