George W. Bush’s Advice To Obama: ‘Ask, What Would George Do?’

145494544 George W. Bushs Advice To Obama: Ask, What Would George Do?
George W. Bush standing next to his portrait in the East Room of the White House. (Photo: Getty)

Former President George W. Bush returned to the White House today for the unveiling of his official portrait. At the ceremony, Mr. Bush encouraged First Lady Michelle Obama to protect his portrait and gave some advice to President Barack Obama.

“When the British burned the White House … in 1814, Dolley Madison famously saved this portrait of the first George W.  Now, Michelle, if anything happens there’s your man,” Mr. Bush said. “I am also pleased, Mr. President, that when you are wandering these halls as you wrestle with tough decisions, you will now be able to gaze at this portrait and ask, what would George do?” Continue reading “George W. Bush’s Advice To Obama: ‘Ask, What Would George Do?’”

Romney Campaign Says They ‘Welcome’ George Bush’s Support

144530604 Romney Campaign Says They Welcome George Bushs Support
George W. Bush speaking in Washington, D.C. earlier today. (Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney’s campaign still has yet to issue a statement or announcement following President George W. Bush’s expression of support for Mr. Romney’s candidacy earlier this afternoon. After we wrote a post about the conspicuous silence, Mr. Romney’s spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, wrote back to assure us he’s glad to have Mr. Bush’s endorsement.

“We welcome the president’s support, as we welcomed his father’s,” Ms. Saul said.

Though the Romney campaign is pleased to have Mr. Bush’s backing, don’t expect to see the ex-president stumping for Mr. Romney on the campaign trail.

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Mitt Staying Mum on Bush Endorsement

143671223 Mitt Staying Mum on Bush Endorsement
Mitt Romney

Former President George W. Bush expressed his support for Mitt Romney in a brief exchange with an ABC reporter as he boarded an elevator after a speech in Washington, D.C. today.

“I’m for Mitt Romney,” Mr. Bush said.

Though ABC posted the story over two hours ago, Mr. Romney’s campaign has yet to send out any official press release or statement trumpeting Mr. Bush’s endorsement. On the other hand, the Obama campaign quickly pounced on the chance to tie Mr. Romney to Mr. Bush, who according to the most recent polls is viewed unfavorably by the majority of Americans. Continue reading “Mitt Staying Mum on Bush Endorsement”

12 Pictures of Politicians In Graduation Robes

It’s college graduation season, which means we get to enjoy the sight of politicians are donning robes to make speeches at commencement ceremonies across the country. In the past few days, President Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle, Mitt Romney and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have all suited up for commencement speeches. Read on to see our favorite shots of politicians decked out in all their academic finery.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Mitt Romney at The Waldorf Astoria

 Occupy Wall Street Protests Mitt Romney at The Waldorf Astoria
Anti-Romney protesters carrying a mock coffin and "job cremator" outside the Waldorf Astoria. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Approximately 200 protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement showed up to protest a Mitt Romney fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria today. Aaron Black, an Occupy Wall Street organizer, said he wanted to demonstrate against the influence of money in politics.

“it was an auction happening in our city right under our noses–$2,500 a plate. Our government is not for sale,” Mr. Black told The Politicker. “This is the root of all evil corporations are not people.” Continue reading “Occupy Wall Street Protests Mitt Romney at The Waldorf Astoria”

Obama and GW Bush to Attend 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony in NYC

Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will be in New York City to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said this morning.

And, for the first time, the names of people killed in the attacks that day in Washington DC and Pennsylvania will be read aloud at the Ground Zero ceremony. In the past, only those who died in New York City were included. Continue reading “Obama and GW Bush to Attend 9/11 Anniversary Ceremony in NYC”

Ed Koch, Reluctantly for Obama

koch and bush  Ed Koch, Reluctantly for Obama

In 2004, former mayor Ed Koch committed an act of Democratic treason and endorsed George W. Bush in his re-election bid against John Kerry. In Koch’s estimation, Bush could be counted on to keep the country safe, and that pre-empted any concerns about their domestic policies.

In an email to his mailing list this afternoon, Koch indicated that he’s unlikely to make a similar move in 2012, despite deep reservations about President Obama’s foreign policy. For Koch, the fundamental issue is Republican Paul Ryan’s budget plan.

“Had the Republicans not sought to destroy essential protections for the middle class and poor of this country, including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and tax fairness — they favor the top 2 percent of taxpayers — I would not at this point in time have decided to commit myself to support the reelection of Barack Obama,” he wrote.

That kind of thinking represents Republicans’ worst fear in 2012–that swing voters who might be put off by President Obama (and particularly seniors like the 86-year old Koch), will take Ryan’s plan not as a bold, courageous vision for deficit reduction, but as an unnecessary axe to a vital social service.

Koch, by his own admission, certainly had a litany of reasons to dislike Obama. He wrote:

After two and one-half years of President Obama, my doubts on his ability to manage American foreign affairs have grown. His hostility towards Israel, increasing our troop presence in Afghanistan, seeking to remain in Iraq, undertaking a new war in Libya, and his throwing longtime U.S. friend and ally, Hosni Mubarak, under the bus, have severely reduced my enthusiasm for a second Obama term.

In fact, Koch said he was upset with “overall attitude” of Democrats toward Israel, with only 46 percent of the party favoring Israel in a recent poll, compared to 70 percent of Republicans.

“But the Republicans have charted a radical course that I and numerous other Americans cannot support,” he wrote. “For that, they will be punished. They have embraced the three third rails of American politics – Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Their proposals effectively destroying them through privatization or substantially reducing funding are anathema to the American public, and they will pay the price: defeat.”