Roundup: The Ricks, Rockys, and Rudys

On “The Capitol Pressroom,” Andrew Cuomo said that a minimum wage hike this year “would be in order.”

From the awesome file: Bill Clinton reviews Robert Caro’s latest bio of LBJ.

Nick Confessore goes long on the Obama administration’s efforts to woo Wall Street.

Mitt Romney’s budget plan would wallop New Yorkers by ending the state income tax deduction. Continue reading “Roundup: The Ricks, Rockys, and Rudys”

George Maragos Can’t Spell The ‘Buffett Rule,’ But He Doesn’t Like It One Bit

georgemaragos George Maragos Cant Spell The Buffett Rule, But He Doesnt Like It One Bit
George Maragos

In honor of Tax Day tomorrow, Republican Senate candidate George Maragos sent out a lengthy press release accusing New York’s current senator, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand, and President Barack Obama of trying “to deflect public attention from their failed economic policies by cultivating a climate of class warfare among economic, ethnic, and gender groups.” Mr. Maragos specifically criticized the “Buffet Rule.” Presumably, Mr. Maragos was actually referring to the “Buffett Rule,” the plan to ensure higher tax rates on people making over $1 million proposed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, rather than a proposed regulation on buffet-style dining. Continue reading “George Maragos Can’t Spell The ‘Buffett Rule,’ But He Doesn’t Like It One Bit”

Long Says Turner and Maragos Are No-Impact Men

220px wendy long headshot 200x300 150x150 Long Says Turner and Maragos Are No Impact MenAfter a Quinnipiac Poll out today showed Manhattan lawyer and conservative activist Wendy Long trailing Queens Congressman Bob Turner in the race for the U.S, Ms. Long released a statement slamming the current holder of the seat, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and that her better known opponents have failed to have an impact on the race.

“Two things from today’s Quinnipiac poll are abundantly clear; Senator Gillibrand is vulnerable and my two current office holding opponents in the Republican primary have not made much of an impact on the voters of New York State,” Ms Long said in a statement. “Conventional GOP candidates have thrice tried and thrice failed to beat Kirsten Gillibrand. Having never run for office, I am not surprised that New Yorkers are only just getting familiar with me.” Continue reading “Long Says Turner and Maragos Are No-Impact Men”

Kirsten Gillibrand Pulls In A Cool $1.5 Million

kirsten gillibrand wiki Kirsten Gillibrand Pulls In A Cool $1.5 Million
Senator Gillibrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand continued to flex her fundraising muscles this quarter, raising $1.5 million in the last three months, which will leave her with $9.1 million on hand as she seeks reelection this year. Her campaign spending has been relatively light so far, as Ms. Gillibrand last reported having $8.3 million on hand.

In a press release this morning, Ms. Gillibrand’s campaign also touted a recent poll showing her ahead of her Republican rivals.

Continue reading “Kirsten Gillibrand Pulls In A Cool $1.5 Million”

George Maragos Compares Bob Turner to Barack Obama

georgemaragos1 George Maragos Compares Bob Turner to Barack ObamaIn a sign that the Republican contest for the U.S. Senate held by Kirsten Gillibrand is about to turn ugly, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos just leveled one of the worst insults one can direct at a fellow Republican: “You are like Barack Obama.”

At issue is what Mr. Maragos labels ” a stunt” by Congressman Bob Turner in which he offers a free tank of gas to whichever supporter guesses the correct date on Ms. Gillibrand flips her position on the Keystone Pipeline project.  Mr. Turner was using the project to tweak Ms. Gillibrand for marching in lockstep with President Obama, who now supports the project.

“Rep. Turner’s dare offering a free tank of gas for whoever guesses the time when Sen. Gillibrand will come out in support of the pipeline, is a joke and partisan politics at its worst,” Mr. Maragos said in a statement. “President Obama’s press conference was a meaningless political stunt as no federal approval is required for the now proposed construction of the domestic portion of the pipeline.” Continue reading “George Maragos Compares Bob Turner to Barack Obama”

The Rochester Wrangle: Floor Fight At Republican Convention Leaves Three Standing

124843723 The Rochester Wrangle: Floor Fight At Republican Convention Leaves Three StandingBy midnight last Thursday, most of the Republican establishment in New York State—the county chairmen waltzing in after a friendly dinner at the nearby Black and Blue Steak and Crab, along with the operatives who had grimly signed on for yet another round of longshot campaigns in a state that remains one of the most Democratic in the nation—was safely inside Legends, the downstairs bar at the Radisson Hotel in Rochester. Sipping beer, and spinning reporters, they eyed each other warily. In a few short hours the bleary-eyed contingent would gather again—this time on the floor of the Rochester Convention Center, a few flights up and a “skywalk” over from the Radisson—for that most of political endeavors. A convention-floor flight was in the offing. The result would determine who would carry the flag and soul of the party in the November elections. Continue reading “The Rochester Wrangle: Floor Fight At Republican Convention Leaves Three Standing”

Bob Turner: ‘I Believe We Will Prevail At The End of The Day’

 Bob Turner: I Believe We Will Prevail At The End of The Day
Bob Turner at his press conference outside the New York Conservative Party convention. (Photo: Hunter Walker)

Congressman Bob Turner’s surprise Senate campaign started too late for him to earn a spot on the Conservative Party ticket, but he still stopped by the convention where Wendy Long received the nomination today.

“I’m here today to pay my respects to the Conservative Party,” Mr. Turner said in a press conference held after his visit at the convention. “I would like very much to be on their nominating ballot, there’s a process in place and certain rules and my late entry in that has made this extraordinarily problematic.” Continue reading “Bob Turner: ‘I Believe We Will Prevail At The End of The Day’”