Bob Turner Wants The Senate Primary Ballots Impounded

bob turner fb Bob Turner Wants The Senate Primary Ballots Impounded
Bob Turner (Photo: Facebook)

Political candidates generally impound ballots in elections where there is suspected voter fraud, Congressman Bob Turner’s campaign says they want the ballots in today’s three-way Republican Senate primary impounded just to be on the safe side of things. Mr. Turner’s campaign sent out a statement this evening announcing they have ordered the ballots impounded “to ensure the integrity of every vote in what may be shaping up as the lowest turnout in New York primary history.”

“The Turner campaign is committed to ensuring the integrity of every vote and impounding the ballots is the best way to achieve that for the good of all the campaigns,” campaign spokeswoman Jessica Proud said. “In the meantime, we are urging as many Republicans as possible to get to the polls before 9 p.m. to support the candidate of their choice.” Continue reading “Bob Turner Wants The Senate Primary Ballots Impounded”

Wendy Long Would Refuse to Attend A Gay Wedding

gop debate ny1 Wendy Long Would Refuse to Attend A Gay Wedding
The three candidates last night.

The three candidates seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand debated last night and several interesting moments came up when discussing the same sex marriage New York enacted last year.

Notably, when one of the candidates, Wendy Long, faced a question as to whether she would, on principle, refuse to attend a same-sex wedding, she answered with a firm “yes.”

The line of questioning appeared to move on before George Maragos could answer the question, but for his part, Bob Turner said, “I would not refuse, no.”

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Who Will Win The New York Times Congressional Endorsements?

newyorktimeslogo Who Will Win The New York Times Congressional Endorsements?Last month, The Observer wrote a piece detailing how the New York Times endorsement process works, what the editorial board looks for in a candidate, and how much getting the gray lady’s nod determines who emerges victorious on election day.

Now, with New York’s federal elections only a few weeks away, we take a look at each of the competitive elections on June 26, take a guess at which way the paper will go and deduce what kind of an effect it will have.

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U.S. Senate Republican Primary—Bob Turner vs. Wendy Long vs. George Maragos

It is no by means a certainty that The Times will endorse in the GOP Senate primary, and if they do, expect it to be a hold-you-nose-and-vote-for-the-guy-who-is-marginally-better-than-the-rest kind of endorsement. Expect something along the lines of the paper’s endorsement of Mitt Romney in the presidential primary in April, in which they mocked Mr. Romney for abandoning his moderating tendencies and slammed GOP extremism before declaring the Massachusetts governor “the best choice of the field.” For this little noticed Senate race for the right to go up against Kirsten Gillibrand, the paper is likely to go with Bob Turner, a Queens businessman-turned-congressman, who is far less strident in his social views than Wendy Long and more dynamic than George Maragos. Mr. Turner is running very much as the candidate of New York City, and hometown pride may count for something here. Continue reading “Who Will Win The New York Times Congressional Endorsements?”

Wendy Long Sneaks in Dig at ‘Jerry Springer Culture’

jerryspringer logo 240 Wendy Long Sneaks in Dig at Jerry Springer Culture
(Photo: Wikimedia)

Attorney Wendy Long, campaigning for the Republican nomination to take on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, blasted City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott for backing a switch up of the songs at a kindergarten graduation, and in doing so, slipped in an attack on one of her rivals, Rep. Bob Turner. Mr. Turner helped create the Jerry Springer Show and Ms. Long blasted the replacement of “God Bless the USA” for Justin Bieber’s “Baby Love” as “replacing civic education with Jerry Springer-like popular culture.”

“It seems that the New York City Schools Chancellor approves of replacing civic education with Jerry Springer-like popular culture,” Ms. Long declared in the statement. “This is a big problem in a country whose survival depends upon the success of self-government, of citizens who love this country and understand and defend it.”

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Forbes for Long

steve forbes w Forbes for Long
Steve Forbes (Photo: Wikimedia)

This morning, Wendy Long continued to roll out endorsements in her campaign for the Republican nomination to take on Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. First it was Grover Norquist, and now she added Steve Forbes to the list.

“Wendy would also support a stable dollar that doesn’t swing wildly against gold,” Mr. Forbes said in a somewhat wonky statement. “The last decade of dollar gyrations contributed to the bubbles of recent years and to our continued economic weakness. Wendy will push for a return to sound money and exchange rate stability.”

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New Poll Shows Cuomo’s Approval Rating Taking a Slight Hit

 New Poll Shows Cuomos Approval Rating Taking a Slight Hit
(Photo: Wikimedia)

A new Siena Research Institute poll of voters in New York State shows that, while still high, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s favorability ratings are at their lowest since he took office in 2011. The poll also showed President Barack Obama up 20 points over Mitt Romney in the Empire State, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand way ahead of her three potential opponents, displeasure with Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, strong support for raising the minimum wage and high favorability ratings for the Legislature.  Continue reading “New Poll Shows Cuomo’s Approval Rating Taking a Slight Hit”

Maragos Says Turner’s Obama Comments Will ‘Incite Racial Strife’ [Update]

georgemaragos Maragos Says Turners Obama Comments Will Incite Racial Strife [Update]Earlier today, Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Bob Turner told President Barack Obama to “call off the dogs” and cease a lawsuit meant to desegregate Westchester County.

The comments brought a swift condemnation from George Maragos, Mr. Turner’s opponent–along with lawyer Wendy Long–in the GOP primary for the right to take on U.S. Sen Kirsten Gillibrand.

‘”Bob Turner’s stunt today calling for Obama to ‘call off the dogs’ has done a grave disservice to Westchester residents by injecting potentially racially divisive language into a sensitive local issue,” Mr. Maragos said.  “I support Westchester in its fight with HUD, however, I fear that Mr. Turner’s ill-advised statement will set back any resolution to the issue, incite racial strife and may negatively impact Westchester residents. By inflaming the housing issue with crude and potentially racially insensitive language, Mr. Turner will give Obama reason to dig in his heals and reject any compromise with Westchester and consequently harm all Westchester residents.” Continue reading “Maragos Says Turner’s Obama Comments Will ‘Incite Racial Strife’ [Update]”