Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford

Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)
Tim Bishop, Barack Obama and Rob Ford in the ad. (Screengrab: YouTube)

In what might be considered a bit of a stretch, Long Island congressional hopeful George Demos is connecting the Democratic incumbent, Tim Bishop, to infamous Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who recently admitted to smoking crack and has been caught in a bizarre spiral of over-the-top behavior since. Continue reading “Congressional Candidate Links Incumbent to Rob Ford”

George Demos Withdraws

george demos wiki George Demos Withdraws
(Photo: Wikimedia)

George Demos, one of the two main candidates vying for the Republican nomination to run against Suffolk Rep. Tim Bishop, issued a statement this evening announcing his withdrawal from the race, effectively making Randy Altschuler the GOP candidate in the race this November.

In the letter sent to his supporters, Mr. Demos cited his upcoming marriage for his exit, although cynics might point to his underdog status in the Republican primary for the reason instead.

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Demos Ties Bishop To Obama Catholic Hospitals Decision

 Demos Ties Bishop To Obama Catholic Hospitals DecisionGeorge Demos, a GOP contender for the Suffolk County congressional seat currently held by Tim Bishop, launched an effort today to tie the Democrat to Barack Obama’s decision to require religious affiliated hospitals to provide contraceptive insurance.

Mr. Demos, who ran for the seat in 2010, sent his supporters an email petition with the goal of trying to “get Bishop to oppose the ObamaCare mandate forcing Catholic charities and hospitals to provide abortion-inducing drugs – an outrageous violation of their religious freedom.”

“Voters of the 1st District will no longer tolerate Tim Bishop’s strategic silence. People ask me, ‘What has he said about this?’ In a word: Nothing. He has refused to confirm or deny his support for this Obama policy just as he has on the Keystone Pipeline and so many others,” Mr. Demos writes.”By signing our petition, Americans of all faiths can send a powerful message to congressmen like Silent Tim: It’s disgraceful for you to remain mute as President Obama forces our religious institutions to violate their most deeply cherished beliefs.” Continue reading “Demos Ties Bishop To Obama Catholic Hospitals Decision”

Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' Vote

 Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' VoteYesterday Congress lifted a five-year ban on funding horse meat inspections. Among the “yay” votes was Suffolk County congressman Tim Bishop, who took some heat from one of his GOP challengers, George Demos.

Mr. Demos accused Congressman Bishop of corruption, since he has supported keeping in place fishery quotas in the waters off of Long Island.

“After the failed Obama-Bishop stimulus plan that created no ‘shovel ready’ jobs, Tim Bishop voted to create ‘slaughter ready’ jobs by voting to authorize the killing of majestic creatures and feeding them to Americans as if we are some third world country,” Mr. Demos said in a statement. “It’s bad enough to outsource American jobs to third world countries without in-sourcing foreign diets to American dinner plates.” Continue reading “Demos Hits Bishop On 'Horse Slaughter' Vote”