California Congressional Candidate Accuses Rival of ‘Stalking’ His Family

gary delong stalker California Congressional Candidate Accuses Rival of Stalking His Family
Footage from Gary DeLong’s new video show the alleged “stalker” following him and his family. (Photo: YouTube)

Gary DeLong says he, his wife and his six year old daughter are being stalked by operatives working with his rival in a California House race. Mr. DeLong released a web video today documenting what he says is his family being tailed through the streets by “a tracker” sent by his Democratic opponent in California’s 47th Congressional District, Alan Lowenthal. Footage in Mr. DeLong’s ad shows him walking around Long Beach’s annual Greek Festival with his wife and child while being closely followed by a young, blonde woman wielding a video camera.

“The lady following Gary? That’s not his videographer,” text explains in Mr. Delong’s video. “Unfortunately Lowenthal and his party bosses felt it necessary to intrude on Gary’s quality family time by sending a tracker to record his every move.” Continue reading “California Congressional Candidate Accuses Rival of ‘Stalking’ His Family”