Paul Ryan Calls Obama China’s ‘Doorman’ ‘Doormat’

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Paul Ryan (Photo: Getty)

The latest campaign controversy to rock this election’s 24-second news cycle came after Reuters campaign correspondent Sam Youngman wrote on Twitter that Paul Ryan “said that even though potus said he would crack down on China ‘they’re treating him like a doorman'” at an event in Ohio. The quote was also picked up by Politico’s Juana Summers, however it quickly became clear that Mr. Ryan actually called President Barack Obama China’s “doormat,” a phrase which, while still insulting, is far less racially charged. Continue reading “Paul Ryan Calls Obama China’s ‘Doorman’ ‘Doormat’”

Michele Bachmann Wants You To Know She's Not Confused About Iran

michele bachmann iran Michele Bachmann Wants You To Know She's Not Confused About Iran
Michele Bachmann (Getty)

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s staff claimed she was “speaking in the hypothetical” when she said she would close the (nonexistent) U.S. embassy in Iran. In a statement released last night, Congresswoman Bachmann’s communications director, Alice Stewart, assured the world the Congresswoman knows we haven’t had an embassy in Tehran since the Iranian hostage crisis. “Congresswoman Bachmann is a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and is fully aware that we do not have an embassy in Iran and have not had one since 1980,” Ms. Stewart wrote. Continue reading “Michele Bachmann Wants You To Know She's Not Confused About Iran”

Herman Cain Defends His Right To Pause

131996510 Herman Cain Defends His Right To Pause
It's Herman Cain's party and he'll pause if he wants to. (Getty)

Herman Cain has had his fair share of troubles these past couple of weeks. The latest of which has nothing to do with sexual harassment, but rather his much publicized interview Monday morning with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, during which Mr. Cain paused for an unnervingly long period of time when asked if he agreed with the Obama administration’s handling of the situation in Libya. His gaffe haunted Mr. Cain in Iowa, where reporters hounded him for an explanation of his bumbling Libya analysis.  Continue reading “Herman Cain Defends His Right To Pause”

Rick Perry’s Campaign Blames Gaffe on ‘Too Damn Many Federal Agencies’

rick perry debate Rick Perrys Campaign Blames Gaffe on Too Damn Many Federal Agencies
Rick Perry on stage at the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate at Oakland University. (Getty)

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign sent an email to supporters shortly before three this morning attempting to spin his “oops” moment in last night’s CNBC Republican Presidential Debate when the Texas Governor said he wanted to eliminate three government agencies and was only able to name two. “We’ve all had human moments. … Just goes to show there are too damn many federal agencies,” the email said.

Continue reading “Rick Perry’s Campaign Blames Gaffe on ‘Too Damn Many Federal Agencies’”