Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island

Coney Island, including its iconic amusement park and boardwalk, was hit incredibly hard by Hurricane Sandy along with the rest of Brooklyn’s southern coast. Politicker ventured into the area today, a journey that took us on sand-covered streets without working traffic lights, and saw broken rides and damage on Surf Avenue, which was flooded with waterthat reached a depth of at least four feet.  Continue reading “Photos: Sandy’s Aftermath in Coney Island”

Slideshow: Pols Share Stormy Sandy Pictures

Hurricane Sandy is currently battering the five boroughs, and the city’s public officials are out and about, touring their districts and surveying the damage. In the slideshow to the left, we’ve collected a sampling of the flooded streets and downed trees that they’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes they’ve sent warnings to their constituents as well. “By the way, lots of people there at cusp of water taking pictures and frolicking about,” Staten Island Councilman Jimmy Oddo wrote to his Facebook followers when he visited what used to be a beach. “As Mom used to say, it’s fun and games until someone gets swept into the ocean and washes up dead on Sandy Hook. Or was it it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye? Or no ball playing in the house? I digress.”

Continue reading “Slideshow: Pols Share Stormy Sandy Pictures”