Satanists Rally For Rick Scott

The Satanic Temple logo.
The Satanic Temple logo.

A group of Florida-based Satanists will be holding a rally in support of the Sunshine State’s Republican Governor Rick Scott on January 25. According to a press release for the event, the Satanic Temple, which organized the rally, will be showing “solidarity” with the governor for his “unwavering fortitude and progressive resolve in his defense of religious liberty,” specifically his approval of a legislation that will allow students to vote on whether or not to include prayers in graduation ceremonies and other school assemblies.

“The Satanic Temple embraces the free expression of religion, and Satanists are happy to show their support of Rick Scott who–particularly with [Senate Bill] 98–has reaffirmed our American freedom to practice our faith openly, allowing our Satanic children the freedom to pray in school,” the group said in a statement announcing the rally.

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How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ

156645317 How <em>GQ</em> Misrepresented Marco Rubios Rap IQ
Marco Rubio (Photo: Getty)

This month’s issue of GQ features an interview with Florida Senator Marco Rubio in which he talks about his favorite rap songs. When the interview went live online last week, many people took note of Mr. Rubio’s rap knowledge, but Politicker couldn’t help but notice he appeared to mistakenly describe hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa as a member of the rap group Public Enemy. However, after reading the print version of the issue it is clear that the discrepancy was caused by an edit made by the magazine and not any rap errors made by Mr. Rubio.   Continue reading “How GQ Misrepresented Marco Rubio’s Rap IQ”

Allen West’s Campaign Outlines Their ‘Serious Concerns’ With His Election Result

 Allen Wests Campaign Outlines Their Serious Concerns With His Election Result
Allen West (Photo:

Though the presidential election passed without issue in the Sunshine State, Florida is once again at the center of a vote counting controversy.

After election night, Florida Democrat Patrick Murphy emerged with a slim lead over his opponent, congressman and Tea Party star Allen West. Since then, Mr. West’s campaign has been pushing for a recount and in a letter sent to the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Gertrude Walker and the county’s Canvassing Board this morning they outlined one of their “serious concerns”–an alleged “malfunction” of the memory cards used to scan ballots in that county.

“If satisfactory answers are not forthcoming, we may need to direct our attorneys to take further legal actions to resolve these serious legal questions about the canvass of the election in St. Lucie County,” wrote Mr. West’s campaign manager Tim Edson. Continue reading “Allen West’s Campaign Outlines Their ‘Serious Concerns’ With His Election Result”

Storm Sandy Pulls Obama Off the Campaign Trail

obama getty3 Storm Sandy Pulls Obama Off the Campaign Trail
(Photo: Getty)

President Barack Obama, who had been campaigning in Florida as Hurricane Sandy began to batter states in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, has canceled further events in the Sunshine State in order to return to Washington, according to a dispatch sent out by the White House this morning.

“Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today’s campaign event in Orlando, Florida,” Jay Carney, Mr. Obama’s press secretary, announced. “The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.”

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Ann Coulter Calls Obama ‘The Retard’

138674956 Ann Coulter Calls Obama The Retard
Ann Coulter (Photo: Getty)

As is her custom, provocative conservative commentator Ann Coulter was decidedly politically incorrect in her assessment of the final presidential debate last night. Ms. Coulter took to Twitter where she used a derogatory term to describe President Barack Obama.

“I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard,” Ms. Coulter wrote. Continue reading “Ann Coulter Calls Obama ‘The Retard’”

Obama And Romney Think Locally at Foreign Policy Debate

154580227 Obama And Romney Think Locally at Foreign Policy Debate
Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama on stage at Lynn University in Florida for tonight’s debate. (Photo: Getty)

Tonight’s presidential debate was ostensibly about foreign policy, but on stage in Boca Raton, the candidates spent quite a bit of time discussing the American economy. The discussion first turned homeward when moderator Bob Schieffer asked Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, “What is America’s role in the world?” Continue reading “Obama And Romney Think Locally at Foreign Policy Debate”

Michelle Obama: My Husband Is ‘Downright Fine’

144141273 Michelle Obama: My Husband Is Downright Fine
Michelle Obama (Photo: Getty)

Michelle Obama is in Florida tonight for the final presidential debate and, this afternoon, she appeared at a campaign event Broward College where she had high praise for President Barack Obama’s appearance. The first lady commented on her husband’s looks when she was interrupted by someone in the audience as she started her speech.

“I’m pretty fired up and ready to go myself because today, like I’ve been doing for a couple of years now on this campaign trail, I get to do one of my favorite things, and that is to talk about the man that I have loved and admired since I first met him 23 years ago,” Ms. Obama began.

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