Freddy Ferrer Officially Digs Bill Thompson

Freddy and Billy.
Freddy Ferrer and Bill Thompson.

After seven months, they’ve made it official.

Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer, the Democratic nominee for mayor in 2005, formally threw his support to former Comptroller Bill Thompson this afternoon–support that dates back to at least December of last year. Mr. Ferrer said his then-job as interim head of the MTA prohibited him from making political endorsements at the time.

“Something happened in December,” Mr. Ferrer told Politicker when asked about the timing. “I became acting chairman of the MTA and I did not believe it was appropriate for me to opine on any political campaign while I held that position. I’m sure you can understand that. That’s not a requirement in law, that’s my requirement.” Continue reading “Freddy Ferrer Officially Digs Bill Thompson”

Scott Stringer Officially Enters Comptroller Race

scott stringer getty Scott Stringer Officially Enters Comptroller Race
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After months of rumors, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer has officially decided to run for City Comptroller next year. He was previously considering a campaign for mayor, but he said his experience exploring that race convinced him to run for the city’s top financial office. Mr. Stringer spoke to Politicker about his decision earlier today and said he will formally launch his campaign in three weeks. Rather than an avoidance of the crowded mayor’s race, Mr. Stringer characterized his entry into the comptroller race as a move to confront the most crucial issues currently facing the city.

“What’s needed right now is an experienced hand who can partner with the mayor when it’s in the best interests of the city, but also someone with the independence and backbone to stand up to special interests, to call out wasteful spending and to safeguard the city’s pension funds,” said Mr. Stringer. “That is what I’ve done my entire career and that’s what im going to as comptroller, so I’m not dropping down, I’m stepping up.”  Continue reading “Scott Stringer Officially Enters Comptroller Race”