Challenger Eyes Run Against Assemblyman Felix Ortiz

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. (Photo: NYS Assembly)
Assemblyman Felix Ortiz. (Photo: NYS Assembly)

A local community board member has filed to run against Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, potentially setting up the first primary battle for the longtime lawmaker in more than a decade.

Cesar Zuniga, a member of Brooklyn’s Community Board 7 and research director for the Parent-Child Home Program, said he was considering a bid against Mr. Ortiz and would make a final decision soon.  Continue reading “Challenger Eyes Run Against Assemblyman Felix Ortiz”

A New York Assemblyman Wants to Ban Use Of Google Glass While Driving

New York could be the latest state in wanting to ban Google Glass from being used while driving if one politician has his way. 

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn) announced yesterday he’s introducing legislation that would restrict motorists from using the Internet-connected face computers because it’s “extremely dangerous technology.” In a press release obtained by Betabeat, he referenced the recent case of a California woman who was ticketed for distracted driving as a reason why his law should be enacted in New York.
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Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support

140374268 e1331593293695 Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support
Mayor Bloomberg (Photo: Getty)

After a group of unions angry over the passage of the Tier VI pension reform plan pulled support from the Somos El Futuro’s annual Legislative Conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the organization a pair of hefty donations.

“We think the unions’ actions are unfortunate, and don’t want the conference to suffer as a result. We both support the Somos El Futuro Conference and, as such, we will be donating $72,000 to Somos El Futuro and the scholarship to make up for the donations that the unions withdrew,” the mayor and governor said in a joint statement. Continue reading “Bloomberg And Cuomo Donate To Somos After Unions Withdraw Support”

Brooklyn Lawmaker Jumps on Anti-Aeroshot Bandwagon

Felix Ortiz, a Brooklyn Assemblyman, announced this afternoon that is currently working on a bill that would ban the sale of inhalable caffeine like Aeroshot to those under the age of 16.

“It is imperative that we cease the sale of this product to those under the age of 16. Young children and teens should not have access to a device that has not been reviewed by the FDA, and that has the potential to pose a real threat to their health,” Mr. Ortiz.  “We must act quickly, before this product is abused and hurts the young individuals of our community.”

This is not the first time that Aeroshot has come in the crosshairs of New York lawmakers. For the better part of this year Chuck Schumer has been calling on the F.D.A to regulate it and last week he announced that they would. Mr. Schumer and others have said that they fear that although the drug doesn’t contain alcohol, it is being marketed and used as a party drug.

Nor is this the first time that Mr. Ortiz has taken on unregulated caffeine products.


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After Casey Anthony Verdict, Lawmakers Pile On

Nature abhors a vacuum, and politicians abhor letting a news cycle go by without a way to get in the middle of it.

Thus, a day after a Florida jury found Casey Anthony not guilty of the murder of her two-year old daughter Caylee, two New York legislators have proposed bills related to the case. Continue reading “After Casey Anthony Verdict, Lawmakers Pile On”