Gillibrand Hits Fashion Week

kirsten gillibrand fashion week1 Gillibrand Hits Fashion Week
Kirsten Gillibrand and Vogue's Anna Wintour (Photo: Getty)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand might be a rising star in Washington D.C., but that doesn’t mean she can’t take a moment to enjoy herself at New York City’s Fashion Week. Indeed, she was spotted by Women’s Wear Daily in the front row of a Carolina Herrera show yesterday morning.

“I love Carolina’s history in terms of dressing First Ladies, being part of our culture over the last several decades,” Gillibrand said to the publication. “I think it’s important to come show my support for her specifically, and I personally really admire her designs. They’re ones that I can definitely wear.”

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Mayor Bloomberg: This Will Be The Best Fashion Week Ever [Video]

dvf bloomberg Mayor Bloomberg: This Will Be The Best Fashion Week Ever [Video]
Diane von Fürstenberg, Mayor Bloomberg and Congresswoman Maloney pose for a photo. (Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg and others held a press conference to cheer the economic benefits of New York City’s fashion industry and programs the city is implementing to grow this success.

“Today, I’m pleased to announce that, based on new data from the City’s Economic Development Corporation, Fashion Week’s two events this year will produce a record economic impact of $865 million dollars,” Mr. Bloomberg proudly stated.

Mr. Bloomberg went on to wax poetic about the significance of the fashion industry in New York.

“This semi-annual event really is an incredible time of the year for New York City. It’s great for our economy and it’s great for New Yorkers to understand we are the fashion capital of the world.”

Lest anyone think another city might deserve that honor, Mr. Bloomberg made sure to note New York has “double the number of fashion companies [than] in Par-ee.”

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Diane von Fürstenberg: Bloomberg Is ‘So Hot’ He Doesn’t Need Fashion Tips

diane von furstenberg bloomberg presser Diane von Fürstenberg: Bloomberg Is So Hot He Doesnt Need Fashion Tips
Diane von Fürstenberg speaks at Mayor Bloomberg's press event.

Fashion legend Diane von Fürstenberg attended Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s press event celebrating New York’s fashion industry and the initiatives his administration has taken to promote couture. Of course, The Politicker, always ready to tackle the tough questions, asked Ms. von Fürstenberg if she had any fashion tips for Mr. Bloomberg.

“He’s so hot, he doesn’t need any,” she responded as Mr. Bloomberg did a huge eye-roll.

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