Quinn’s Dad Rejoins the Campaign Trail After Being Sidelined by Injury

Larry Quinn: The Speaker's biggest fan.
Larry Quinn making his pitch to potential voters.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s dad, sidelined for months by medical problems, returned to the campaign trail this morning just in time for his 87th birthday.

The charming Larry Quinn, often referred to as Ms. Quinn’s “not-so-secret weapon,” stopped by a senior center near Washington Square Park to stump for his daughter as the mayoral campaign enters its final, frenzied stretch.

“Well, you know, I’d like to be more mobile, but at least I’m on my feet and I don’t have an escort any longer–a paid escort!” joked Mr. Quinn as he left the center after a short visit, accompanied by Ms. Quinn’s father-in-law, Anthony Catullo. While Mr. Quinn walked a little slower than usual, with the assistance of a cane, his humor appeared perfectly in tact.

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Bill de Blasio’s Family Makes Its Own Cheerios Commercial

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and his family eating Cheerios.
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and his family eating Cheerios.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s campaign is weighing in on the controversy surrounding a new Cheerios commercial, sending out an new email to supporters seeking volunteers that celebrates the cereal.

The email contained a slick photo of Mr. de Blasio’s multi-racial family, sitting around the breakfast table, spoons in hand, after Cheerios came under fire for depicting a similar-looking family.

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Mitt Romney’s Artistic Roots

Mitt Romney’s family has been a prominent presence in business, politics and Mormonism, since the mid-19th century, but the first famous Romney rose to prominence in the art world. George Romney, Mr. Romney’s great great great great grandfather, was a renowned British portraitist whose work hangs in museums around the world including the Louvre and the Met. Continue reading “Mitt Romney’s Artistic Roots”

Newt Gingrich's Mother-in-Law Is Afraid Of Occupy Protesters

 Newt Gingrich's Mother in Law Is Afraid Of Occupy Protesters
Newt Gingrich's mother-in-law, Bernita Krause Bisek. (Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this afternoon, Callista Gingrich, wife of newly minted Republican frontrunner Newt Gingrich, pointed a camera at the window of her office in Washington, D.C. and snapped a picture of a group of Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered on the rainy street outside. Ms. Gingrich proceeded to post the picture on her Facebook page inspiring concerned comments from her mother.

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Silver Keeps Surgery in the Family After Bike Fall

 Silver Keeps Surgery in the Family After Bike Fall
Sheldon Silver after his bike accident. (Photo: Stephen Crowley/New York Times)

Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver – last seen sporting a set of bruises, stitches, and scabs all over his face after a bike fall – has checked into hospital for treatment on knee swelling caused by the same accident. The speaker was in Puerto Rico for the annual Somos el Futuro conference, where politicians schmooze with labor leaders and lobbyists ostensibly over Hispanic-related issues, earlier this month when he took a nasty spin after the bike he rented hit a San Juan pothole. Continue reading “Silver Keeps Surgery in the Family After Bike Fall”