Nydia Velázquez Unfazed by Potential Challengers

Nydia Velazquez. (Photo: Getty)
Nydia Velazquez. (Photo: Getty)

Two years ago, Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez fended off a furious challenge backed by then-Brooklyn Democratic boss Vito Lopez. 

This year, at least so far, her path to re-election appears to be clearer. But one challenger has emerged and another, former Comptroller John Liu, may be eying the seat. Continue reading “Nydia Velázquez Unfazed by Potential Challengers”

Nydia Velázquez Backs Challenger to Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez

(Photo: Menchaca campaign)
(Photo: Menchaca campaign)

Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez does not forget. And she does not forgive.

Accordingly, Ms. Velázquez is now hoping to unseat Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, who endorsed Ms. Velázquez’s primary challenger last year. And she’s given the maximum contribution to Ms. Gonzalez’s opponent, Carlos Menchaca, part of an overall haul of $40,000 overall in just two weeks.

“I am impressed by how much Carlos has achieved in such a short period of time,” Ms. Velázquez said in a statement this morning. Continue reading “Nydia Velázquez Backs Challenger to Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez”

Rafael Espinal Announces City Council Campaign

(Photo: Facebook)
(Photo: Facebook)

Assemblyman Rafael Espinal is officially campaigning for the seat belonging to outgoing Councilman Erik Dilan, he told Politicker today. Combined with yesterday’s Council announcement by Assemblyman Micah Kellner and Joe Lhota’s mayoral campaign, indicators are piling up that the 2013 election cycle is fully underway, up an down the ballot.

“I just think it’s a great opportunity to have a direct impact on my communities; in the State Assembly, it’s harder to bring resources into our neighborhoods,” Mr. Espinal said, adding that his experience as Mr. Dilan’s chief of staff will enable him to “hit the ground running.”

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Rafael Espinal Sets Up Council Campaign

rafael espinal fb Rafael Espinal Sets Up Council Campaign
(Photo: Facebook)

In another sign the 2013 races are almost fully underway, Assemblyman Rafael Espinal, who first won a relatively high-profile special election in northeastern Brooklyn in 2011, is moving forward with his aim to replace term-limited Councilman Erik Dilan next year and formed a campaign committee for the effort.

“I’m leaning towards running, but the truth of the matter is I just got elected to the assembly,” Mr. Espinal told us this morning. “But that option’s available. I’m very proud of my record in the record in the State Assembly.”

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Anti-Vito Satmar Faction Takes Victory Lap

moshe indig ny1 Anti Vito Satmar Faction Takes Victory Lap
Moshe Indig celebrating Nydia Velázquez’s win last Tuesday. (Photo: NY1)

Anyone who follows northern Brooklyn politics enough quickly learns that there is an incredibly sharp political divide between the two rival factions in Hasidic Williamsburg, where the larger faction favors candidates backed by Brooklyn’s Democratic leader Vito Lopez and the smaller one favors candidates he opposes. With both factions turning out in record numbers in last Tuesday’s election where incumbent Rep. Nydia Velázquez thumped the Lopez-backed candidacy of Councilman Erik Dilan, that smaller faction decided to take a small victory lap today.

In a press release blasted out by George Arzt Communications, the same firm that worked for Ms. Velázquez’s campaign, Rabbi Moshe Indig, a power broker in the the “Aroni” Satmar sect, declared his faction’s ongoing success over Mr. Lopez.

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Campaign Web Snafu of The Day

volunteer for dilan Campaign Web Snafu of The Day
(photo: dilanforcongress.com)

It’s Election Day today and there are many ways to get involved in congressional campaigns around the state. One of the suggestions from Democratic congressional candidate Erik Dilan seems misplaced, however.

Supporters who visit his official campaign website and click the “volunteer” button, are eventually greeted with a curious set of options that includes “Blog for Dan Halloran.” Mr. Halloran, of course, is a Republican congressional candidate in an entirely different district.

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