Bloomberg Not Ready to Endorse Cuomo’s Re-election

Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)
Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Getty)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election operation is getting ready to battle next year, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who endorsed him in 2010, isn’t jumping on the bandwagon yet.

Asked today at a press conference whether he would endorse Mr. Cuomo, Mr. Bloomberg expressed his broad support for the governor’s record but was initially unsure even how long Mr. Cuomo has served. Continue reading “Bloomberg Not Ready to Endorse Cuomo’s Re-election”

Bloomberg Deputy Goes After Bill de Blasio on NY1

Howard Wolfson. (Screenshot: NY1)
Howard Wolfson. (Screenshot: NY1)

Just in case it wasn’t already clear from the barbs on his Twitter feed, Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson is not a fan of Bill de Blasio’s vision for the city.

During an appearance tonight on NY1, the man who has become the mayor’s chief mouthpiece continued to dig into the sudden front-runner in the mayor’s race, doubling down on previous criticism and accusing the city’s public advocate of flip-flopping on term limits.

The attack comes as various forces are ramping up their efforts to halt Mr. de Blasio’s unexpected gains in the polls with just two weeks to go until the primary.

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Not Every Newspaper Hates Eliot Spitzer

Some newspapers have strong feelings when it comes to Eliot Spitzer.
Some newspapers have strong feelings when it comes to Eliot Spitzer.

Newspaper editorial boards have not been especially kind to ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer and his return to politics.

The New York Times, New York Post and Daily News all enthusiastically endorsed rival Scott Stringer for comptroller last week, with the two tabloids using extensive editorial space–including their covers- to excoriate Mr. Spitzer over his gubernatorial record and infamous prostitution scandal.

But one Queens weekly, at least, is reversing the trend.

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John Catsimatidis Not Letting Go of Lhota’s Mall Cops Gaffe

Catsimatidis getting the endorsement of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. (Photo: Twitter/@JCats2013)
John Catsimatidis today. (Photo: Twitter/@JCats2013)

Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis was endorsed by one of the city’s police unions earlier today, and used the opportunity to once again bring up his chief opponent Joe Lhota’s most significant gaffe to date.

“I don’t try to call them ‘mall cops,’ which is wrong,” said Mr. Catsimatidis via spokesman Rob Ryan, following a press conference near City Hall, where the Sergeants Benevolent Association anointed Mr. Catsimatidis their Republican pick.

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RWDSU Rolls Out More Endorsements

RWDSU's logo. (Photo: Facebook)
RWDSU’s logo. (Photo: Facebook)

The Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, a relatively modest-sized but politically aggressive union, has announced more endorsements for the 2013 election cycle.

The support, which spans City Council races across the five boroughs, was given to a mixture of incumbents and open-seat contenders, and includes candidates who have amassed large labor coalitions like Austin Shafran in Queens and less establishment-oriented hopefuls like John Mancuso in Staten Island. All are Democrats.

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Colleague Reaffirms Kellner Support as Others Bail

Dan Quart, Assemblyman Kellner and the rest of the East Side Crew.
Dan Quart (center), Assemblyman Kellner (left) and the rest of the East Side crew. (Photo: Facebook/Micah Z. Kellner)

Assemblyman Dan Quart re-affirmed his support for City Council candidate Micah Kellner this afternoon, in the wake of allegations that Mr. Kellner had sexually harassed female staffers working in his Assembly office.

Mr. Quart reached out to Politicker to double-down on his support for his colleague’s candidacy as other lawmakers, including City Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, State Senators José Serrano and Brad Hoylman and Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez, abandon the campaign.

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John Liu Wonders What Anthony Weiner Was Thinking

Comptroller John Liu today.
Comptroller John Liu today.

While some rivals want Anthony Weiner to exit the mayor’s race in the wake of his latest cybersex revelations, Comptroller John Liu is not calling for the ex-congressman to drop his bid.

Mr. Liu, however, is apparently quite perplexed by Mr. Weiner’s lewd online behavior.

“With Anthony’s propensity to take pornographic self-portraits, I think that’s a valid issue for voters to consider,” Mr. Liu said today when asked by Politicker if he too wanted the scandal-scarred pol to drop out of the race. “It’s not the issue of the relationships. It’s the issue of, ‘What is he thinking?’ To continue to do that after a relatively spectacular fall from grace …. you think someone would learn.”

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