Cathie Black Emails Released

Cathie Black. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Cathie Black. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration suffered a blow today with the release of emails surrounding the selection process of Cathie Black, the one-time schools chancellor who was forced to resign in 2011, after just 95 days in office. Ms. Black, who had no prior educational experience, drew widespread controversy amid a number of missteps. The city fought an extended, unsuccessful legal battle to keep the emails from being subject to a Freedom of Information Law request.

Overall, they detail the city’s public relations efforts to improve Ms. Black’s brand, including outreach to leading female figures like Caroline Kennedy for support. Additionally, the emails reveal debates over how much information about Ms. Black should be provided to reporters.

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Kirsten Gillibrand ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ About Elizabeth Warren’s DNC Speech

kirsten gillibrand wiki2 Kirsten Gillibrand Cant Stop Thinking About Elizabeth Warrens DNC Speech
Kirsten Gillibrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

CHARLOTTE, NC — New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand apparently really enjoyed the speech Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren delivered at the Democratic National Convention last night. Shortly after Ms. Warren left the stage, Ms. Gillibrand sent an email to her supporters encouraging them to give money to Ms. Warren.

“I can’t stop thinking about Elizabeth Warren’s speech,” Ms. Gillibrand wrote. “You could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes: Elizabeth will never give up on the middle class. She’ll be relentless in making sure everyone gets a fair shot.” Continue reading “Kirsten Gillibrand ‘Can’t Stop Thinking’ About Elizabeth Warren’s DNC Speech”

Romney Campaign: ‘It’s On’

142282501 Romney Campaign: Its On
Mitt Romney campaigning in Wisconsin last weekend. (Photo: Getty)

After Mitt Romney’s victories in the Wisconsin, Maryland and District of Columbia presidential primaries last night, he has more than half the delegates he needs to lock up the Republican nomination. According to Mr. Romney’s press secretary, Andrea Saul, President Barack Obama has taken notice of Mitt’s momentum. In an email to supporters sent after his three wins last night, Ms. Saul said the president is turning to negative ads because it’s clear “Americans across the nation are rallying around Mitt’s positive vision and plan for our country.”

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Romney Campaign Accuses Obama Of Pushing Michigan Dems To Support Santorum

mitt romney wiki2 Romney Campaign Accuses Obama Of Pushing Michigan Dems To Support Santorum
Mitt Romney (Photo: Wikimedia)

Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, sent an enraged email to supporters tonight accusing “President Obama’s re-election team” of trying to get Democrats to vote for Rick Santorum in tomorrow’s influential Michigan primary and vowing to take revenge.

“This is politics at its worst. It doesn’t get much more pathetic,” Mr. Rhoades wrote. Continue reading “Romney Campaign Accuses Obama Of Pushing Michigan Dems To Support Santorum”

Rick Perry's Concession Speech Comes Via Email

rick perry Rick Perry's Concession Speech Comes Via Email
Gov. Rick Perry (Photo: Wikimedia)

Texas Governor Rick Perry finished in sixth place in New Hampshire tonight, scoring last among the main candidates for the GOP nomination. As the rest of the field is making their concession speeches on television, the Perry campaign phoned it in, so to speak, by conceding electronically.

“Tonight’s results in New Hampshire show the race for ‘conservative alternative’ to Mitt Romney remains wide open,” the statement read. “I skipped New Hampshire and aimed my campaign right at conservative South Carolina, where we’ve been campaigning hard and receiving an enthusiastic welcome.”
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Rick Perry’s Campaign Blames Gaffe on ‘Too Damn Many Federal Agencies’

rick perry debate Rick Perrys Campaign Blames Gaffe on Too Damn Many Federal Agencies
Rick Perry on stage at the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate at Oakland University. (Getty)

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign sent an email to supporters shortly before three this morning attempting to spin his “oops” moment in last night’s CNBC Republican Presidential Debate when the Texas Governor said he wanted to eliminate three government agencies and was only able to name two. “We’ve all had human moments. … Just goes to show there are too damn many federal agencies,” the email said.

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President Obama Takes On Nate Silver

barack obama poll President Obama Takes On Nate Silver
President Obama (Getty)

The Obama campaign doesn’t want you listening to Nate Silver. In an email sent out earlier this afternoon, campaign manager Jim Messina urged voters to disregard the statistical guru’s article in this past weekend’s New York Times Magazine, which gives President Obama slim chances of retaking the White House.  Continue reading “President Obama Takes On Nate Silver”