Bloomberg to Obama: Offering Condolences ‘Is Not Enough’

President Obama reacting to today's news. (Photo: Getty)
President Obama reacting to today’s news. (Photo: Getty)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not satisfied with President Barack Obama’s reaction to the recent shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. Specifically, a tearful Mr. Obama called for “meaningful action” to prevent future tragedies, a vague vow that Mr. Bloomberg, who has emerged as one of the chief gun control advocates nationwide, found wholly unacceptable.

“President Obama rightly sent his heartfelt condolences to the families in Newtown. But the country needs him to send a bill to Congress to fix this problem. Calling for ‘meaningful action’ is not enough,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a statement. “We need immediate action. We have heard all the rhetoric before. What we have not seen is leadership – not from the White House and not from Congress. That must end today. This is a national tragedy and it demands a national response. My deepest sympathies are with the families of all those affected, and my determination to stop this madness is stronger than ever.”

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