Rudy Giuliani Touts Joe Lhota’s ‘Eyes of Steel’

Rudy Giuliani hits that campaign trail for Joe Lhota.
Rudy Giuliani hits that campaign trail for Joe Lhota.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani joined the campaign trail today, making a final push for his former deputy mayor, Joe Lhota, and threatening doom and gloom if a Democrat is elected in November.

Standing in Mr. Lhota’s campaign headquarters near Grand Central station this morning, Mr. Giuliani praised Mr. Lhota as the only candidate qualified to be mayor, comparing the current Democratic field to former Public Advocate Mark Green, who would have taken over if anything had happened to him when he was mayor.

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Operatives Behaving Badly, Part Deux

Anthony Weiner dashes through the rain. (Photo: Getty)
Anthony Weiner dashes through the rain. (Photo: Getty)

As the primary season comes to an end and the 2014 midterms start to stir, political operatives continue to make headlines for doing stupid shit. I wrote a hit story a couple weeks ago about the new breed of operatives whining and tattling and leaking. But it occurs to me that the reason for this bad behavior is that some political operatives are failing to remember one undisputed fact about campaigns: An operative must have a candidate’s best interest at heart at all times, even when the candidate acts like a lunatic.

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‘NYC Votes’ App Aims to Drag Elections Out of the Stone Age

Voting in America is so annoying, it can make you miss the days when we were presided over by inbred British monarchs bound by laws of primogeniture.

Okay, nothing is actually that annoying, it’s just the royal baby fever talking. But voting in the U.S.A. is stuck in the mid-20th century. It’s a procedure that could use some updating, for the sake of both accuracy and convenience.
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Bike and Pedestrian Advocates Activate New PAC to Influence Elections

StreetPAC formally launched its efforts Thursday. (Photo: Jill Colvin)
StreetPAC formally launched its efforts Thursday. (Photo: Jill Colvin)

After more than 11 years of new bike lanes and public plazas, pedestrian advocates are getting nervous.

Few of the mayoral front-runners, they fear, have openly embraced the issues they care about: more traffic-calming speed bumps, neighborhood slow zones, plazas, bike lanes and more thorough crash investigations.

“I think a lot of the candidates have sort of danced around the question of complete streets and plazas and bike lanes and things like that,” said Park Slope community activist Eric McClure, one of the board members of the newly-registered political committee StreetsPAC,  which officially marked its launch Thursday with an event on the Flatiron Plaza.

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Bloomberg’s Super PAC Narrowly Misses Most Congressional Targets

bloomberg black background getty1 Bloombergs Super PAC Narrowly Misses Most Congressional Targets
(Photo: Getty)

Late in this year’s election cycle, Mayor Michael Bloomberg suddenly announced the creation of a “super PAC,” Independence USA, through which the billionaire mayor could funnel unlimited sums of cash to candidates who support his political agenda of gun control, gay marriage and education reform. Looking at the federal races Mr. Bloomberg aimed to influence through the new political action committee, however, a majority of his candidates narrowly lost last night.

For example, in western Connecticut, moderate Republican Andrew Roraback suffered a 48%-to-52% loss to Democrat Elizabeth Esty, despite Mr. Bloomberg spending more than a million dollars on Mr. Roraback’s behalf. Similarly, in another suburban seat, Mr. Bloomberg dropped roughly a million dollars boosting GOP Rep. Bob Dold in Illinois, only to see him lose by less than 1%. And, down in Florida, he spent more than $2 million in an attempt to vanquish Republican Congressman Dan Webster, but the incumbent still beat back a strong challenge from Val Demings, 52% to 48%.

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New York Takes Steps to Help the Homeless Vote

i voted sticker New York Takes Steps to Help the Homeless VoteElection Day is coming up, and New York City wants everyone to vote–including residents who don’t have a permanent residence. Accordingly, New York City Campaign Finance Board is partnering with the Department of Homeless Services to make sure the city’s homeless population can help participate in the upcoming presidential election. Every day this week, Homeless Services will provide voting assistance at each of its 230 homeless facilities to encourage maximum electoral participation.

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Rangel’s Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots

photo 4 Rangels Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots
Ydanis Rodriguez speaking at today’s press conference.

Supporters of State Senator Adriano Espaillat are calling for a federal monitor to step in and oversee the counting of votes in his congressional race against longtime Congressman Charlie Rangel after reports of uncounted votes emerged yesterday. Mr. Rangel was initially declared the victor by the Associated Press and in unofficial totals from the Board of Elections after the election on Tuesday, but the AP subsequently published a report claiming results from 33 of the 506 precincts in the Upper Manhattan district remained uncounted. Mr. Espaillat’s supporters announced their push for a federal monitor at a press conference in front of Mr. Rangel’s office in Harlem where some of the attendees also made allegations of voter fraud at the polls Tuesday.

“I’m here today to call for a federal monitor on the Board of Elections. It is unacceptable that 48 hours after the elections took place….we don’t have the outcome of this election,” said Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, a close ally of Mr. Espaillat’s. “We also have a lot of concerns that still the Board of Elections has not received [results from] a number of election districts. We don’t know where they are, they don’t know where they are.” Continue reading “Rangel’s Rivals Make Allegations Of Voter Fraud And Uncounted Ballots”