At Final Major Rally, Bill Thompson Fires Up Supporters and Bashes Bill de Blasio

Bill Thompson today.
Bill Thompson today.

Flooding the steps of City Hall with dozens of supporters, Bill Thompson and his high-profile surrogates urged voters to reject the polls–and the candidate leading them– at a final get-out-the-vote rally this afternoon.

With less than 24 hours to go before the polls open, the campaigns are in final crunch mode, making their closing arguments and trying to ensure supporters turn out to the polls. And to maximize his time, Mr. Thompson is currently in the midst of his second 24-hour tour, which will keep him campaigning through the night.

“This is not a race about who’s on Twitter. This is not a race about hairdos. This is race about serious business,” said Bronx Borough President Rubén Díaz Jr., taking a dig at front-runner Bill de Blasio’s popular television ads featuring his famously afro-haired son. “This is a race about hard-working men and women of the City of New York who are unfortunately still struggling to make it by.” Continue reading “At Final Major Rally, Bill Thompson Fires Up Supporters and Bashes Bill de Blasio”

Poll: Bill de Blasio Holds Solid Lead Going Into Primary

Bill de Blasio.
Bill de Blasio with his wife, Chirlane McCray.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio remains the decisive front-runner going into Tuesday’s primary, according to the latest poll.

The new WSJ-NBC 4 New York-Marist survey, released Sunday night, gives Mr. de Blasio 36 percent of the likely Democratic vote–slightly less than the 40 percent he would need to avoid a runoff with the second-place contender.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who dominated the polls early in the race, and former Comptroller Bill Thompson appear locked in a dead tie, with each earning 20 percent of the vote.

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‘Let’s Not Get Intoxicated About the Polls’: Bill de Blasio Holds a Big Rally

Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, at today's rally.
Bill de Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, at today’s rally.

Far ahead in the polls as Tuesday’s Democratic mayoral primary looms, Bill de Blasio amassed the troops today for a gigantic get-out-the-vote rally.

At times, it felt like a victory party for the city’s public advocate, who once trailed his opponents but is now reveling in his new front-runner status.

“This campaign, like every good cause, started humbly and we worked really, really hard,” Mr. de Blasio reflected, standing on the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall. “I give people in this crowd a lot of credit. There were many days when the polls weren’t so great, when you couldn’t get our message across; we’d put out a press release, no one printed it. We’ve had those days.”

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Councilman Says There is a ‘Complete Breakdown’ With Voting in Flatbush

jumaane williams fb Councilman Says There is a Complete Breakdown With Voting in Flatbush
Jumaane Williams (Photo: Facebook)

Reports of chaotic situations at the polls around New York City this Election Day are mounting. The areas on the southwestern tip of Brooklyn that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy have experienced issues, but we’re also hearing about problems in neighborhoods that weren’t heavily impacted by the storm including Flatbush, Park Slope and parts of Manhattan. Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams, who has been touring the polling sites in the East Flatbush and Flatbush portions of his district described the situation as “complete disorganization” and had harsh words for the city Board of Elections. He also suggested the federal or city government may need to take action against the BOE to prevent a similar situation from happening again.

“I think on a non-Sandy day they have problems doing a good election,” Mr. Williams said of the BOE. “Combine that with Sandy and they’re completely unorganized. They’ve had four years to plan this. Their only job is to plan elections and they can’t get it right. And you should have conditional plans, you should have backup plans, you should have contingency plans. Where are those plans? This is getting worse and worse.” Continue reading “Councilman Says There is a ‘Complete Breakdown’ With Voting in Flatbush”

Bloomberg Says BOE Has Voters Asking, ‘What’s This, a Third-World Country?’

broad channel jessicaproud Bloomberg Says BOE Has Voters Asking, Whats This, a Third World Country?
A Broad Channel voting site. (Photo: @JessicaProud)

As New Yorkers crowd into long lines, waiting for the right to vote at polling sites that may or may not have functional machines to tally the votes, Mayor Michael Bloomberg held another press conference to update the city on its recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. While addressing the storm, Mr. Bloomberg, who has criticized the local Board of Elections in the past, did not hold back in his frustration with the issues at the polls today.

“People all around the world would like to have our freedoms and to keep them and extend them, we have to exercise them. I know many people, including myself, are encountering lines at the polls. Be patient, it’s worth the wait,” he said. “From the reports that we’ve gotten, the Board of Elections has run into problems, including late delivery of machines to some sites and late openings. Also, this morning, we learned the Board failed to secure enough fuel for generators at least one poll site; we became aware of it and the Department of Education did deliver fuel to that polling site….If these were the only problems the Board of Elections encountered today, we should consider ourselves very lucky. But, unfortunately, based on its history, that is not likely to be the case.”

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Joe Biden Votes for Himself, Suggests He May Do So Again

joe biden getty Joe Biden Votes for Himself, Suggests He May Do So Again
Joe Biden on the campaign trail in Wisconsin. (Photo: Getty)

Vice President Joe Biden traveled to his home state of Delaware to vote for himself today. After he emerged from the voting booth, reporters asked the vice president if he thought it would be his final time casting a ballot for himself.

“No, I don’t think so,” Mr. Biden said with a grin. Continue reading “Joe Biden Votes for Himself, Suggests He May Do So Again”

Election Day Gets Chaotic in Areas Impacted by Sandy

rockaway voting Election Day Gets Chaotic in Areas Impacted by Sandy
A voting site in the Rockaways. (photo: @joshingnyc)

The Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn was among the hardest-hit areas by Hurricane Sandy last week and the storm’s impact is being felt as voters head to the polls today. As a result of the hurricane damage, many of Coney Island’s poll sites were changed, but according to reports on the scene, the Election Day chaos in the neighborhood sounds far worse than the planned changes.

“PS  370, which is supposed to be the ‘super’ Coney Isand poll site, there are areas where they don’t have the books to sign in, so people have to vote via affidavit,” one operative on the ground told Politicker. “Every poll site got up late. They don’t even have real police officers here, they have the recruits, police academy. They have no clue what to do, they’ve never done it before. Every site got off late because police academy got off late to open up. One of the new sites….it’s supposed to be a site, but the machines aren’t there.”

This account was echoed by other reports in Coney Island, and similar tales of voting issues in the Rockaways, which was also devastated by the hurricane.

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