MoveOn Spikes Football Over Towns Retirement

ed towns MoveOn Spikes Football Over Towns will not be throwing a retirement party for Ed Towns. Instead, the message of the lefty cyber community is simple:  “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

“MoveOn members are excited to hear that after too many years opposing the interests of the 99%, Rep. Ed Towns has finally decided to retire,” says the group in his official statement. “From his vote for CAFTA to his opposition to a free and open Internet, Rep. Towns had long ago stopped fighting for working families so he can support corporate special interests instead.” Continue reading “MoveOn Spikes Football Over Towns Retirement”

Charles Barron Largely Self-Funding Campaign

charles barron fb Charles Barron Largely Self Funding Campaign
Charles Barron (Photo: Facebook)

With Congressman Ed Towns’ sudden exit from his own reelection campaign last night, the primary field to replace him might very well only contain Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries and Councilman Charles Barron. And it’s a match where, in terms of resources, Mr. Jeffries looks likely to dominate.

Indeed, Mr. Barron appears to have only raised $41,000 in the last month, with $40,000 coming from the Councilman himself. He also has another committee, which he used in 2011 and has not filed a 2012 report for yet, where he and his wife gave close to $15,000 out of a bit more than $17,500 raised in total.

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Reports: Veteran Rep. Ed Towns Retiring

ed towns office1 Reports: Veteran Rep. Ed Towns Retiring
Congressman Towns

Congressman Ed Towns is not seeking reelection, Politico reported in an email tonight, citing “a source familiar with his decision.” This news was subsequently confirmed by the New York Daily News‘ Alison Gendar, who reported that Mr. Towns is making calls to supporters saying he’s not seeking reelection.

Mr. Towns’ reported exit is both surprising and unsurprising. He had no reelection campaign to speak of, but had also recently hired Hank Sheinkopf to handle his communications and was ramping up his fundraising as recently as March.

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Ed Towns Raises, Suggesting Possible Reelection Campaign

towns3 Ed Towns Raises, Suggesting Possible Reelection Campaign
Congressman Towns

There’s been some speculation as to whether veteran Congressman Ed Towns will actually campaign for reelection or not, a line of thought aided by his campaign, which, as of last Thursday, would not confirm whether or not he will indeed seek another term.

However, his campaign finance report, which he just filed today, was bound to shed some light on his intentions. If Mr. Towns had raised a miniscule amount of money in the last three months, it would have been indicative that he would throw in the towel. But that does not appear to be the case.

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Hakeem Jeffries Suggests Ed Towns Is Deploying A ‘Rose Garden Strategy’

hakeem jeffries hq Hakeem Jeffries Suggests Ed Towns Is Deploying A Rose Garden Strategy
Hakeem Jeffries addressing the crowd at his new headquarters.

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries opened his congressional campaign headquarters earlier this afternoon, and despite the oddly silent campaign of the incumbent that he’s seeking to unseat, Rep. Ed Towns, he said he still expects a vigorous campaign.

“A 30-year incumbent has a considerable amount of name recognition that we have to take seriously,” Mr. Jeffries told The Politicker after the event. “It’s not surprising that incumbents deploy what has often been referred to as a ‘Rose Garden strategy,’ where they govern and not campaign. Perhaps that’s what this incumbent is engaging in at the moment.”

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Congressional Switcheroo Possibilities End April 20th

towns2 Congressional Switcheroo Possibilities End April 20th
Congressman Towns' campaign has been mysterious lately.

April 16th at midnight is the filing deadline for congressional candidates to deliver their signatures to the local Board of Elections to get onto the June 26th primary ballot, but in an interesting wrinkle in election law, candidates can still substitute in someone else after this date.

“You have four days after the last day to submit your petitions to decline, so in this case, the day is the 16th and you have until the 20th to decline,” election law guru Jerry Goldfeder succinctly explained to The Politicker this afternoon. “And if you do so, your committee to fill vacancies votes to substitute someone else.”

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Hakeem Jeffries Pulls in $237,000

hs7 Hakeem Jeffries Pulls in $237,000
Hakeem Jeffries

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries continued to build his war chest and raised over $237,000 in the last three months, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this afternoon. With about $400,000 cash on hand, he has a decent amount of money to work with as he makes his final push for the June 26th primary where he’s seeking to unseat Congressman Ed Towns.

What Mr. Towns’ reports in his filing next week will likely send a clear signal about his surprisingly sleepy campaign operations so far. He has routinely skipped out on campaign events he attended in past reelection efforts and his campaign’s spokesman was most recently spotted declining to speak about campaign-related matters.

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