De Blasio Says No Contradiction in Keeping Bloomberg Development Commissioner

Kyle Kimball. (Photo: Twitter)
Kyle Kimball. (Photo: Twitter)

Amid a flurry of last-minute appointments before he’s sworn in at 12:01 tomorrow morning, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio made at least one eyebrow-raising choice: Kyle Kimball, the current president of the city’s Economic Development Corporation and a veteran of Bloomberg-era governance, will keep his job.

Mr. de Blasio, who framed his liberal candidacy in opposition to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s economic vision, said today that one of the longtime members of one of Mr. Bloomberg’s most prized agencies–and a target of Mr. de Blasio’s criticism–was in fact in line with his progressive values.  Continue reading “De Blasio Says No Contradiction in Keeping Bloomberg Development Commissioner”

City Hall Trying to ‘Sabotage’ Council Hearing With Early Report

bradlander222 City Hall Trying to Sabotage Council Hearing With Early Report
photo credit: Citizens Union of the City of New York

A City Councilman The Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council says the mayor’s administration is trying to “sabotage” a long-awaited Council hearing tomorrow about a controversial bill requiring a “living wage” for workers at projects that get public subsidies.

Councilman Brad Lander of Brooklyn The caucus said the Economic Development Corporation’s decision to release only the executive summary of their report late Monday night is “very suspicious timing.”

“This release came just a few days before a City Council hearing on the Fair Wages for New Yorkers Act, legislation that the study was clearly designed to discredit,” said Lander the Caucus said in a statement, released by Councilman Brad Lander’s office. “The full study won’t even be released until this summer but the EDC couldn’t wait to try to sabotage the Council hearing and cast doubt on legislation that thousands of New Yorkers support.”