New Candidate Files for 63rd State Senate Seat

cecilia tkaczyk fb New Candidate Files for 63rd State Senate Seat
Cecilia Tkaczyk (Photo: Facebook)

Cecilia Tkaczyk, a former senior legislative analyst for the New York State Senate, has filed paperwork for the newly created “63rd” State Senate district the Republicans created in the Capitol Region while increasing the overall size of their legislative body.

The Gazette Reporter, which first reported the committee, said Ms. Tkaczyk is a Democrat and a local school board president.

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Lancman’s Campaign Follows His Shifting District

rory lancman photobucket Lancmans Campaign Follows His Shifting District
Rory Lancman (Photo: PhotoBucket)

As the Legislature and the courts compete to finish the final touches on their separate congressional redistricting plans, Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman is hustling to keep all of his bases open as he campaigns for Congress himself in what is very much an uncertain district.

When Albany seemed poised to leave GOP Congressman Turner’s district be, Mr. Lancman was campaigning next to Mr. Turner in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, while aggressively peppering Mr. Turner’s with press releases criticizing his votes and positions.

Now, with the courts and Albany both appearing likely to divide Mr. Turner’s seat up between its neighbors, creating a new Asian or Latino-plurality Queens district — with a strong ethnic white and Jewish presence still — Mr. Lancman is doing event after event to lock down these diverse constituencies instead, possibly preparing for a competitive Democratic primary against sitting Congressman Gary Ackerman.

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Fred Dicker And Michael Benjamin Criticize Dominican Ambassador’s Push For Latino District

latino district march Fred Dicker And Michael Benjamin Criticize Dominican Ambassadors Push For Latino District
A march was held last Sunday calling for the new Latino district.

Influential Albany power broker, radio host and New York Post columnist Fred Dicker is not pleased Dominican ambassador Roberto Saladin sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to support the push to create a new predominantly Latino Congressional district in Northern Manhattan and the Bronx. Mr. Dicker discussed Mr. Saladin’s letter on his radio show, Live From The State Capitol, this morning with his fellow Post columnist, former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin.

“First of all, the presumptuousness of it is pretty interesting,” Mr. Dicker said of the letter.

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