Nick Rizzo to Run for District Leader Post

Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Will Star)
Nick Rizzo. (Photo: Will Star)

Nick Rizzo, a Democratic activist and self-described “man about town” who has held jobs in both politics and media over the past few years, is running for the Williamsburg-based district leader post once held by Lincoln Restler.

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Ari Kagan Says He’s Running for Council and Is Hakeem Jeffries’ ‘Bro’

Photo: Facebook
(Photo: Facebook)

At a pro-Israel rally earlier today, Brooklyn District Leader Ari Kagan told Politicker that he will file to run for City Council within the next few days, entering what is likely to be a hotly-contested battle for term-limited Councilman Michael Nelson’s seat.

And, Mr. Kagan said, he has friends in high places already lined up to support his candidacy, including Frank Seddio, the chairman of the Kings County Democratic Party.

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Vito Lopez’s ‘Last Stand’: Restler Hustles as Hasidim Rally

satmar poll site Vito Lopezs Last Stand: Restler Hustles as Hasidim Rally
Voters wait in line to cast their ballots.

It’s primary day in New York City! That means if you go to any polling site in the five boroughs, you’re going to see bored workers and low turnout. That is, unless you are in Hasidic Williamsburg, where voters are turning out in throngs to decide who will represent them in an unpaid position in the Kings County Democratic Party. In that race, District Leader Lincoln Restler, a staunch critic of Brooklyn’s scandal-tarred Democratic boss Vito Lopez, is trying to win re-election as the establishment moves to try and squash his political career in a battle Mr. Restler has dubbed “Vito’s last stand.”

We visited a heavily Hasidic polling site off Heyward Street, where indeed, long lines of Orthodox Jewish voters filled a school gymnasium, the atmosphere buzzing with activity. A couple dozen yards outside the entrance, signs in Yiddish urged locals to vote for Mr. Restler or his opponent, community board chairman Chris Olechowski, and young volunteers for Mr. Olechowski sat in a booth, routinely shouting, “Vote!”

Despite Mr. Lopez’s woes stemming from serious sexual harassment claims, found credible by the State Assembly, members of the the local Jewish community argue the election is a way to demonstrate their electoral strength for the 2013 elections, where New York City will be electing its next mayor and other top government positions.

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Lincoln Restler Continues Roll-Out of 2013 Contenders

lincoln restler fb3 Lincoln Restler Continues Roll Out of 2013 Contenders
(Photo: Facebook)

Earlier this week, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a likely candidate for mayor next year, waded all the way down into a district leader’s race to endorse Lincoln Restler for reelection. Well, add another fellow contender for Gracie Mansion to the Restler column as Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer figuratively went across the East River to do the same this afternoon. Mr. de Blasio and Mr. Stringer don’t necessarily endorse in competitive races for more notable elected positions, so the fact that Mr. Restler continues to garner high-level support for his unpaid, little-known position is testament to his ability to raise the district leader post to a bizarrely high level.

“Lincoln is a tireless advocate for his community with a record of delivering real results,” Mr. Stringer said in a statement. “From fighting for more green space and better public schools, to expanding transportation options, Lincoln is a proven leader on the issues Brooklynites care about. Lincoln is the right choice for reform minded voters and I am proud to endorse his re-election.”

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Restler Rallies Around Being ‘Vito’s Last Stand’

lincoln restler fb2 Restler Rallies Around Being Vitos Last Stand
(Photo: Facebook)

District Leader Lincoln Restler, who’s still locked in a tight, high-profile race against the Brooklyn Democratic establishment despite the implosion of county boss Vito Lopez, is seizing upon a New York Post report that Mr. Lopez’s last aim as county leader is eliminating him on September 13th.

“Dear Friends and Neighbors, Even in the midst of a shameful and potentially criminal sexual harassment scandal, disgraced Boss Vito Lopez is desperately clinging to power for one reason: to halt our campaign to reform the Brooklyn Democratic Party. Vito seems to be obsessed with defeating us,” he wrote in an email to his supporters, entitled “Vito’s Last Stand.”

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De Blasio Backs Lincoln Restler

lincoln restler launch1 De Blasio Backs Lincoln Restler
Lincoln Restler at his campaign launch earlier this year.

District Leader Lincoln Restler, campaigning for reelection in a little-known, unpaid party position, continues to roll out high-profile endorsements as he fights for his continued role in the Kings County Democratic Party. Adding to that list today is Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, the first citywide official — and first 2013 mayoral contender — to weigh into Mr. Restler’s race.

“Lincoln is a person of incredible integrity who fights for our families and our neighborhoods,” Mr. de Blasio said in a statement. “He is a smart, hard-working reformer – and I am very proud to endorse him for re-election as State Committeeman.”

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Hakeem Jeffries Backs Lincoln Restler

lincoln restler launch Hakeem Jeffries Backs Lincoln Restler
Lincoln Restler at his campaign launch.

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries, a rising star in the Democratic Party after winning his June 26th congressional primary, has notably straddled the line between the notoriously factious sides of Brooklyn’s Democratic Party. On one side, there is the county’s Democratic leader Vito Lopez, and on the other, self-styled reformers who strongly oppose his leadership. And earlier this afternoon, Mr. Jeffries offered his endorsement to one of the biggest thorns in Mr. Lopez’s side, District Leader Lincoln Restler, who’s locked in a tough battle for reelection in a district he won only by a handful of votes in 2010.

“Over the last two years, Lincoln has demonstrated remarkable drive, energy and creativity in helping to improve the quality of life of people throughout the Fort Greene and Clinton Hill communities,” he said in a statement. “We have worked closely together on behalf of public housing residents and he has demonstrated the significant impact a talented, progressive and engaged elected official can have in Brooklyn. I am proud to endorse him for re-election.”

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