Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi

156388850 Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi
President Obama at his afternoon press conference. (Photo: Getty)

The ongoing scandal over former CIA Director David Petraeus’ affair and the September attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya were two of the main topics when President Barack Obama had his first post-election White House press conference this afternoon. President Obama promised thorough investigations would be done to uncover details about the FBI investigation that unearthed the Petraeus scandal and the  circumstances surrounding the Benghazi attack. He also had high praise for Mr. Petraeus and harsh words for anyone who might attempt to block him from nominating diplomat Susan Rice as secretary of state because her role in the widely-criticized shifting explanations for the Libyan embassy attack. Continue reading “Obama on Petraeus and Benghazi”

Schumer: Iranian Diplomats to U.N. Should Face Increased Scrutiny

chuck schumer getty Schumer: Iranian Diplomats to U.N. Should Face Increased Scrutiny
Senator Schumer (Photo: Facebook)

Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today calling for “increased scrutiny” of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations in light of potential terrorist attacks against New York City. Pointing to NYPD’s director of intelligence warning that Iran is “essentially” the number one threat, Mr. Schumer argued these diplomats must “be vigorously monitored.”

“With Iran’s increasingly bellicose and threatening behavior, it’s imperative that agents of the Iranian government in the United States receive additional scrutiny to ensure that they pose no threat to New York or the rest of the country,” Mr. Schumer said in the statement.

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