Paterson Stumps for Stringer, But Can’t Say Why Voters Should Pick Him

Former Gov. David Paterson campaigns with Scott Stringer in Harlem this morning.
Former Gov. David Paterson campaigns with Scott Stringer in Harlem this morning. (Photo: Jill Colvin)

Former Gov. David Paterson campaigned with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer this morning outside a subway stop in Harlem, but the appearance quickly turned awkward as the former governor refused to criticize Mr. Spitzer’s opponent: his former boss

Mr. Paterson, who served under Eliot Spitzer as lieutenant governor and took over when he resigned, repeatedly refused to answer a simple question: why voters should choose the little-known Stringer over Mr. Spitzer, who is leading the polls in the comptroller’s race.

“I’m not going to answer the question of why they should choose Scott over Eliot. That’s your question. I didn’t ask that question and I’m not answering it,” said Mr. Paterson, who had endorsed Mr. Stringer long before Mr. Spitzer entered the race.

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Hynes and Thompson Clash in Furious Brooklyn DA Forum

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and Kenneth Thompson, with moderator Harry Siegel between them.
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes and Kenneth Thompson.

They made Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer look like the stars of a buddy cop flick.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and his challenger, former federal prosecutor Ken Thompson, erupted repeatedly at each other at a St. Francis College forum last night, managing to top their furious debate performance Tuesday on NY1.

Peppering his language with words like “hell” and “damn,” Mr. Hynes resembled a cantankerous father scolding an impudent son, dismissing Mr. Thompson as a liar with a flimsy résumé. Mr. Thompson, meanwhile, painted Mr. Hynes as a corrupt product of a political machine completely out of touch with the needs of minority Brooklynites.  Continue reading “Hynes and Thompson Clash in Furious Brooklyn DA Forum”

Bill Thompson Claims Over 75,000 Petition Signatures

Bill Thompson.
Bill Thompson.

As former Gov. Eliot Spitzer fights speculation he won’t have enough petition signatures to make it on the ballot, former Comptroller Bill Thompson has nothing to fear. The mayoral contender has amassed more than 75,000 signatures to appear on the Democratic primary ballot, his campaign is announcing today.

That puts Mr. Thompson, who has the backing of the Brooklyn and Bronx Democratic county organizations, as well as the powerful teacher’s union, far ahead of his challengers, including early front-runner and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Her campaign, which has flooded the city with volunteers and unpaid interns, reported that she would submit 46,710 signatures earlier this week.

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Scott Stringer Starts to Deal With His Eliot Spitzer Problem

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer deflects questions about his new opponent, Eliot Spitzer.
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer today.

Less than 24 hours after former Gov. Eliot Spitzer shocked the city by jumping into the comptroller’s race, his Democratic opponent, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, deflected question after question about Mr. Spitzer at a press conference this afternoon on the Upper West Side.

“I think the strategy is really the same. The issue is, who is going to fight for the working people of this city, the middle class, the people who are struggling,” said Mr. Stringer, insisting that Mr. Spitzer’s late entry into the race won’t change how he campaigns. “This election is about integrity, as every election is. This elections is about choice, so there is going to be competition.” Continue reading “Scott Stringer Starts to Deal With His Eliot Spitzer Problem”

John Liu’s Relentless Campaign Continues Despite Holiday

20130705 121119 John Lius Relentless Campaign Continues Despite Holiday
Comptroller John Liu campaigns with his kabab.

The only candidate for mayor with events on his public schedule today, Comptroller John Liu raced into Chinatown this morning before preparing to head to three additional stops in Brooklyn and another in the Bronx.

But Mr. Liu brushed off suggestions that he was outworking his rivals.

“I don’t know anything about work ethic, this isn’t work!” he declared, beaming below the massive Confucius Plaza Apartments in Chinatown. “I’m having fish ball shish kabob on a beautiful day at Confucius Plaza with lots of good people.”

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