Schumer on the Hunt for New Roommate

Senator Chuck Schumer.
Senator Chuck Schumer.

Senator Chuck Schumer is about to embark on one of the worst of missions: the search for a new roommate, following the announced retirement of California Rep. George Miller.

“Seeking roommate. 20 terms in the House & unmatched legislative record preferred. Lover of cold cereal a must,” tweeted Mr. Schumer, who for years has shared a fraternity-esque Capitol Hill rowhouse with fellow lawmakers, including Mr. Miller and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin. Continue reading “Schumer on the Hunt for New Roommate”

Mayor Bloomberg to Huddle With Top Congressional Leaders

bloomberg getty2 Mayor Bloomberg to Huddle With Top Congressional Leaders
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Mayor Michael Bloomberg just released his public schedule for tomorrow, and it’s a doozy. Throughout the day, the mayor is set to meet with over a half-dozen members of the country’s congressional leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Also on the list is former presidential candidate John McCain, a couple moderate Republicans and a press conference with New York’s two senators on the city’s request for billions of dollars in federal aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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Storm Sandy Pulls Obama Off the Campaign Trail

obama getty3 Storm Sandy Pulls Obama Off the Campaign Trail
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President Barack Obama, who had been campaigning in Florida as Hurricane Sandy began to batter states in the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast, has canceled further events in the Sunshine State in order to return to Washington, according to a dispatch sent out by the White House this morning.

“Due to deteriorating weather conditions in the Washington, DC area, the President will not attend today’s campaign event in Orlando, Florida,” Jay Carney, Mr. Obama’s press secretary, announced. “The President will return to the White House to monitor the preparations for and early response to Hurricane Sandy.”

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