Grace Meng, Tony Avella Indicate Interest in Ackerman Seat

gary ackerman g Grace Meng, Tony Avella Indicate Interest in Ackerman Seat
Gary Ackerman (Photo: Facebook)

Only hours after Congressman Gary Ackerman indicated he was no longer seeking reelection, possible new candidates have already started showing interest in the Queens district he was previously running in.

In a statement sent out tonight, Assemblywoman Grace Meng, who is the only Asian-American elected official in Albany, made sure to note the new district where Mr. Ackerman was campaigning is plurality Asian and indirectly suggested she would be inclined to run if she received the Democratic establishment’s backing.

“This new congressional district is heavily Asian, and I will be sitting down with our Queens Democratic Organization Chairman, Congressman Joseph Crowley, our community leaders and activists to discuss how the coming months may shape out,” she said, while praising Mr. Ackerman.

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Rory Lancman on Same-Sex Marriage and His Congressional Campaign

rory lancman fb Rory Lancman on Same Sex Marriage and His Congressional Campaign
Rory Lancman (Photo: Facebook)

Queens Democratic Assemblyman Rory Lancman, a candidate against GOP Congressman Bob Turner, recently gave an interview to Jake Stern Radio Show of Yeshiva World News, and had a rather cute answer when pressed on his vote for gay marriage.

“Do you morally feel there is nothing wrong with same-gender marriage?” the interviewer asked. “If your son came to you, and said ‘Dad, I want to have this ‘same-gender marriage.’ Would you have no objection, would he have your blessing?”

“First I’d have to ask if the guy’s Jewish,” Mr. Lancman joked, pausing before saying he’d like any child to have the same rights and opportunities as other children.

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David Weprin: Not Ruling Out a Rematch Against Turner

david weprin fb David Weprin: Not Ruling Out a Rematch Against Turner
David Weprin (Photo: Facebook)

Buried in a Jewish Week story on Israel potentially being a campaign issue during  Congressman Bob Turner’s reelection campaign, Mr. Turner’s former Democratic opponent from his special election last summer, Assemblyman David Weprin, said he might run again against Mr. Turner.

Mr. Weprin said in a Tuesday interview with the publication that he hadn’t “ruled anything in or out” regarding such a campaign. “I do have the name recognition, although I would do certain things differently if I was going to run again.”

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Yet Another Thing to Needlessly Divest NY-9 Candidate David Weprin of Money

The new Resorts World casino—as operated by robots in compliance with New York State law, after a very long ordeal to bring more gambling revenue to Aqueduct—had its grand opening this afternoon. Look who it brought in: Democratic assemblyman David Weprin is testing his hand at the games of fortune! Continue reading “Yet Another Thing to Needlessly Divest NY-9 Candidate David Weprin of Money”

After Weprin Debacle, Parkside Plugs Its Victories

 After Weprin Debacle, Parkside Plugs Its VictoriesIn the blame game going around Democratic circles in the wake of the loss of Anthony Weiner’s old Congressional seat, most of the finger-pointing has been directed toward Queens Democratic Party boss Joe Crowley and his hand-picked candidate, David Weprin.

But the masterminds behind the Weprin campaign–Democratic political consultants The Parkside Group– have been in for a little blame as well, since they managed to lose one of the most closely watched races in the nation  despite a 3-1 registration advantage.

So how are they handling the ignominy? By sending out a press release touting their victories, of course: Continue reading “After Weprin Debacle, Parkside Plugs Its Victories”

Why Bob Turner Won

 Why Bob Turner WonThe finish line for political races is always the same, but the starting line is not. In the race to replace Anthony Weiner in the Congressional seat covering parts of Queens and Brooklyn, Democratic Assembly David Weprin began several paces ahead of his Republican opponent, retired businessman Bob Turner.  For one thing, Democrats outnumber Republicans three–to-one. For another, Mr. Weprin has one of the most famous names in Queens politics–his father, Saul was a former speaker of the Assembly. And finally, the machinery to win low-turnout elections–the labor unions and local political machines that actually get people to the polls–skews almost entirely to Mr. Weprin’s side. Continue reading “Why Bob Turner Won”

Weprin Concedes

David Weprin just sent out a statement announcing that he called Bob Turner and conceded the race for the 9th Congressional district.

I just called Bob Turner to congratulate him on a well-fought campaign.  He will now have the honor of representing Brooklyn and Queens in Congress, and I hope that he will work every day to represent all of the diverse communities that make up the 9th Congressional district. Continue reading “Weprin Concedes”