Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics

screen shot 2012 07 31 at 14 04 581 Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics
Andy Zaltzman: comedian and battalion chief for Team Britain

Last week’s sparring or casual willy-wagging between Mitt Romney, David Cameron and Boris Johnson – Mayor of London and King of the Clangers – didn’t quite give Romney the kind of publicity he was hoping for, but it certainly was lovely jubbly for the comedians and comedy writers from Great Britain, providing them with plenty of juicy material. And welcome relief for Mr. Johnson, who must have been all too pleased to give up his crown for a few hours. Next to Mr. Romney, he must have felt like the yardstick of cool.

The Observer decided to reach out to some of these fearless ninjas of British Comedy, as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicked off in time for the Olympics. Yes, that’s right. There are other major events besides The Games happening in Great Britain. Continue reading “Let the Games Begin, Mr. Romney! Golden Banter from British Comics”

Vladimir Putin Waves For No One

146529402 Vladimir Putin Waves For No One
Vladimir Putin striking a pose with the other world leaders at the G20 Summit. (Photo: Getty)

World leaders gathered in Los Cabos, Mexico for the seventh annual Group of 20 summit on Monday. As part of the festivities, all of the assembled heads of state posed for a cheerful family photo–except for one. According to the White House pool report from the photo shoot filed by the Wall Street Journal’s Carol Lee, photographers asked the leaders to wave for the cameras and Russia’s once and future strongman Vladimir Putin declined to pose for the picture.

“They all said to wave to the cameras, and most of them did. President Putin didn’t wave,” Ms. Lee wrote. Continue reading “Vladimir Putin Waves For No One”

British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]

hill krishnan youtube British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]
Hill Krishann asking his question (Photo: YouTube)

At a recent forum for New York University, British Prime Minister David Cameron fielded a question from Hill Krishnan, a City Council candidate for the Upper East Side.

Mr. Krishnan, an adjunct professor at NYU in global affairs, first wanted to know what the United Kingdom was doing to reduce its nuclear stockpile, and second, what advice Mr. Cameron would be able to provide him for his first political campaign.

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