De Blasio Joins Fellow Big-City Mayors to Blast Washington

Bill de Blasio and the other big-city mayors take a selfie. (Photo: Twitter/@DailyEdwardian)
Bill de Blasio and the other big-city mayors take a selfie. (Photo: Twitter/@DailyEdwardian)

Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Chicago yesterday for a panel discussion with three of his most high-profile colleagues, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Atlanta’s Kasim Reed and Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel.

With political consultant David Axelrod leading the conversation, the group acted like a lineup of old friends, ribbing each other over recent weather woes, and joining together to herald the role of cities and criticize the federal government’s lack of investment in them. Continue reading “De Blasio Joins Fellow Big-City Mayors to Blast Washington”

Anthony Weiner Remains Defiant in Face of Mounting Criticism

Anthony Weiner addresses seniors in Flushing, Queens.
Anthony Weiner addresses seniors in Flushing, Queens.

Besieged yet again by dozens of reporters and television cameras, a defiant Anthony Weiner insisted today that high-profile critics in New York and Washington were not going to drive him out of the mayor’s race.

“I don’t take my cues on policy from the Sunday talk shows listening to pundits, I never have,” said Mr. Weiner, speaking to reporters outside a Flushing, Queens senior center nearly a week into the new sexting scandal that has engulfed his fledgling campaign.

Continue reading “Anthony Weiner Remains Defiant in Face of Mounting Criticism”

David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News

David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

President Barack Obama’s longtime strategy guru David Axelrod has signed on for a post-campaign gig as a “senior political analyst” for NBC News and MSNBC. Mr. Axelrod previously served as a senior strategist for President Obama in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns. During the president’s first term, he was on the White House staff as a senior advisor. Continue reading “David Axelrod Signs on at MSNBC and NBC News”

Romney Campaign Stages Anti-Axelrod Protest In Boston

romney protest Romney Campaign Stages Anti Axelrod Protest In Boston
A bubble-blowing protesters at the anti-Axelrod demonstration. (Photo: CNN)

When David Axelrod gave his Boston press conference slamming Mitt Romney’s record as governor of Massachusetts this morning, he was greeted by a group of young protesters including several well dressed young volunteers from Mr. Romney’s nearby national campaign headquarters. Rick Gorka, the Romney campaign’s traveling press secretary, told The Politicker “around 75” Romney suppporters turned out to protest Mr. Axelrod.

“The main point of us being there was to welcome Mr. Axelrod to Boston and to remind reporters of Governor Romney’s record of creating jobs and balancing the budget in Massachusetts,” Mr. Gorka said. “We had some campaign volunteers … we had some supporters. It was a good group of folks who came out to help us in our project.”  Continue reading “Romney Campaign Stages Anti-Axelrod Protest In Boston”

The Obama Campaign’s Massachusetts Field Trip [Video]

david axelrod The Obama Campaigns Massachusetts Field Trip [Video]
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)
After a few weeks of attacking Mitt Romney for his work at Bain Capital, the Obama campaign is spending the day focusing on his career as governor of Massachusetts. President Barack Obama’s senior political advisor, David Axelrod, is scheduled to appear with local politicians this morning at the Massachusetts State House with local politicians who served under Mr. Romney to “discuss Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy and his failed economic record in Massachusetts.” The campaign also released a web video featuring Massachusetts politicians criticizing Mr. Romney’s record in the Bay State. Continue reading “The Obama Campaign’s Massachusetts Field Trip [Video]”

David Axelrod Says He Forgives Cory Booker For Bain Brouhaha

david axelrod David Axelrod Says He Forgives Cory Booker For Bain Brouhaha
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

Senior Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod told our colleagues over at PolitickerNJ that he has made his peace with Cory Booker in the wake of the controversy that dominated the news cycle this week following Mr. Booker’s comments he finds the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s career at Bain Capital “nauseating.”

“We disagree, but to the extent that he clarified his remarks, I think it’s fine,” Mr. Axelrod said.  Continue reading “David Axelrod Says He Forgives Cory Booker For Bain Brouhaha”

David Axelrod: Romney ‘Can’t Walk Away’ From Bain

david axelrod David Axelrod: Romney Cant Walk Away From Bain
David Axelrod (Photo: Twitter)

Obama campaign senior strategist David Axelrod defended the campaign’s continued attacks on Mitt Romney’s work with Bain Capital in an appearance on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports this afternoon. Mr. Axelrod said Bain is a legitimate campaign issue because Mr. Romney regularly touts his business career and because some of the episodes at the company are “disturbing.”

“Governor Romney offers his business experience as his principal and really his chief credential for running for office, he never talks about his years as Massachusetts governor and I think for good reason because they weren’t stellar years. This is his argument: ‘I was a businessman. I can lead the economy.’ So it behooves us to ask exactly ‘what did you do?’” Mr. Axelrod said. “Some of these cases are disturbing and deserve to be looked at. … He can’t walk away from this.” Continue reading “David Axelrod: Romney ‘Can’t Walk Away’ From Bain”