Sandra Fluke Discusses Being Rejected From House Contraception Hearing

sandra fluke testimony Sandra Fluke Discusses Being Rejected From House Contraception Hearing
Sandra Fluke (Photo: YouTube)

Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke talked to The Politicker today about her rejection from yesterday’s House oversight committee hearing on President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception coverage rule. House Democrats wanted Ms. Fluke to be a witness at the hearing, but the committee’s chair, California Congressman Darrell Issa, denied the request and said she was ”not found to be appropriate or qualified.”

“He said that I was not an appropriate witness or a qualified witness. The appropriate witness part just really struck me because I can’t imagine who would be more appropriate to address this policy than the stories of the women I wanted to share,” Ms. Fluke told The Politicker. “They are the women affected by this policy, they are the appropriate witnesses.” Continue reading “Sandra Fluke Discusses Being Rejected From House Contraception Hearing”

Gillibrand Joins Outcry Over House Contraception Hearing

kirsten gillibrand wiki2 Gillibrand Joins Outcry Over House Contraception Hearing
Kirsten Gillibrand (Photo: Wikimedia)

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is the latest lawmaker to criticize the House for holding a hearing on President Barack Obama’s controversial contraception coverage rule without including any women on the opening panel. In an email sent to supporters today, Ms. Gillibrand said she was “outraged” by the absence of female speakers at the House oversight committee hearing.

“I don’t know about you but I was outraged yesterday when the House held a hearing on birth control, without including a single woman on the opening panel,” she wrote.  Continue reading “Gillibrand Joins Outcry Over House Contraception Hearing”