Naomi Rivera’s Opponents Pile Onto Secret Facebook Story

naomi rivera Naomi Riveras Opponents Pile Onto Secret Facebook Story
Naomi Rivera (Photo: Facebook)

Yesterday morning, the New York Post reported that Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera had an online alter ego Daniela Rivera, a Facebook account where she was more open about her private life, including her relations with a former staffer in her office who reportedly held another full-time government job at the time. Understandably, Ms. Rivera’s electoral rivals in the September 13th Democratic primary are eager to highlight the potential conflict of interest further.

The seemingly strongest and most well-funded of those challengers, businessman Mark Gjonaj, released a statement this afternoon citing New York State’s ethics code for lawmakers and declaring “the public has the right to expect a full investigation into the conflict of interest by all appropriate government agencies.”

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