Manhattan GOP Chair Tells Supporters There’s Not ‘Another Shoe to Drop’

Malcolm Smith (Photo: Facebook)
Malcolm Smith (Photo: Facebook)

Manhattan GOP Chair Dan Isaacs assured his supporters in an email today that he has nothing to do with the alleged political bribery scheme that has already led to six arrests across the state.

“Nonetheless, if anyone harbors concern that there is ‘another shoe to drop’ here in Manhattan, I want to take this opportunity to reassure you that there is not,” Mr. Isaacs wrote. “Anyone who knows me and has worked with me during my involvement with the Republican Party knows that I value personal integrity over all else.” Continue reading “Manhattan GOP Chair Tells Supporters There’s Not ‘Another Shoe to Drop’”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Pinch-Hit for Trump at GOP Dinner

rick perry pray rain texas Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Pinch Hit for Trump at GOP DinnerAfter Donald Trump abandoned his presidential bid earlier this month, he abandoned his scheduled speaking appearance at the Manhattan Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day dinner, setting off a furious reaction from county party chairman Dan Isaacs.

Well, the party goes on, as they say, and Isaacs has landed a pretty formidable back-up: Texas Governor (and possible presidential candidate) Rick Perry.

In a statement, Issacs takes pains to say that his home state would be better off if someone like Perry was running things.

“Governor Perry is the perfect example that we in New York should be looking to,” he said.
“At a time when New York ranks at or near the bottom among states in every important metric, Texas is leading the way.  By focusing on keeping taxes low and fostering a fair legal and regulatory environment, Governor Perry has helped Texas attract business and residents at a time when New York has been hemorrhaging both.  As a result, Texas will gain four seats during next year’s congressional reapportionment when New York will lose two.”

The release also includes praise for Isaacs from New York State G.O.P. chairman Ed Cox, which is noteworthy because Isaacs has been mentioned as a potential challenger to Cox when his term ends later this year.

Said Cox, who is also serving as a speaker at the event, “Governor Perry’s attendance at the New York County Republican Dinner proves that New York is still the center of the universe, for politics and otherwise.  I congratulate Dan for bringing him to New York and look forward to helping him give Governor Perry a rousing welcome to the Big Apple.”

Perry has been flirting with a presidential run for awhile, and has recently sent particularly strong signals that he will jump into what is widely regarded as a weak Republican field.



Trump Out as Manhattan GOP Keynote, Too

dt Trump Out as Manhattan GOP Keynote, Too

Last month, Manhattan Republican Party chairman Dan Isaacs complained to The New York Post that Donald Trump had blown off his requests to have the tycoon keynote his organization’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner.

Almost as soon as the piece hit news stands Trump was on the phone with Isaacs, apologizing for his office’s tardiness and pledging to do the dinner, scheduled for June 14, Isaacs told The Observer.

And today, almost as soon as Trump announced that he would not in fact be a candidate for president, his office reached out to Isaacs again to explain that Trump would also be dropping out of his plans to speak at their banquet.

“I am unbelievably disappointed. He has put us in an awkward position,” Isaacs said.

Isaacs said that they have already sent out invitations and that dozens of local party supporters have RSVP’d with the understanding that Trump would be there.

Isaacs said that Trump’s office told him that they do not believe The Apprentice star’s appearance would have been appropriate since he is no longer a candidate.

Issacs said they would have wanted him to come anyway.

“We would have liked to have heard what he had to say, regardless of whether or not he is a candidate,” he said.

Earlier today, the Iowa Republican Party said that they believed that Trump was “reassessing his commitment” to headline their own Lincoln Day fundraising dinner.

The Manhattan G.O.P. has no plans to refund tickets, Isaacs said, noting that Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino and financial commentator Steven B. Meister are also slated to speak.

But he added that Trump can no longer expect a welcoming from his local Republican Party.

“Three-and-a-half weeks out and he is cancelling on us? Not done. Not the way you do things. I would have hoped that he would have honored his commitment to us. He will certainly never get an invitation from my committee to speak to us again.”

Mr. Trump’s office declined comment.

[Noted: Donald Trump is the father-in-law of Observer publisher Jared Kushner.]